Matthew Rondeau's Net Worth

Matthew Rondeau’s Net Worth in 2022: What is Shanna Moakler’s Ex’s Job

After he posted a frightening video of himself ranting about his on-and-off girlfriend Shanna Moakler, male model Matthew Rondeau’s net worth and career have been called into doubt.

Many sources put Rondeau’s total net worth somewhere between $400,000 and $500,000, although no one knows for sure. As stated in his Instagram bio, he works as an actor/model/poker player/chef/entrepreneur, among other things.

Screaming about Moakler and accusing her of infidelity, Rondeau used numerous profanities in a four-minute Instagram video posted on February 24. As a result, he shared the footage on the former beauty queen’s Instagram account.

“By the way, I earn more money than her,” he boasted in the video. It was afterward removed.

According to Celebrity Net Worth, Moakler will have a net worth of $15 million by 2022 as a result of her lengthy and successful career as a model, actress, and beauty queen. When she was married to Travis Barker, she participated in the MTV reality show Meet the Barkers, with whom she has two children, Landon and Alabama.

However, Matthew’s claim that he makes a lot of money wasn’t the only one he made in the video.

Screaming in reference to his relationship with Shanna, “Quote me on it, this is F—-king did,” he referred to it. In my entire life, I have never been degraded and humiliated in such a savage manner.

“She’s chatting to her exes” and “married couples,” he allegedly said. This Rhode Islander had spent the previous night at that residence, he said, pointing it out.

It ain’t over ’til she’s over Travis. None of this has gotten her down. This woman isn’t real,” he resumed his tirade. There is nothing in my system, and I am not f—king drunk.” I’m devastated beyond words… I won’t be returning to your life. Everything is over because I’m never going to see or speak to her ever again. My only request is that you get to know her a little better.”

“Sociopath,” “whore,” and “narcissist” were among the derogatory labels Rondeau used to describe Moakler throughout the video.

Rondeau is “spinning the story” about their divorce, according to a source who spoke to Us Weekly. If he was married, she wouldn’t even think about it.” It’s insane to even contemplate it. ‘She wasn’t having an affair with Matthew,’ the insider claimed.

In their relationship, adultery was not the only topic of conversation. “Matthew is nothing but nasty to her,” Moakler’s daughter claimed on Instagram in 2021. “Matthew cheats on her,” she claimed. Although Rondeau disputed Alabama’s accusations and said “our love is true,” the couple defended their relationship later in the week.

Life & Style attempted to contact Rondeau and Moakler’s teams but received no response.