Home Technology Metropcs Phones: How Can I Track a Metropcs Phone for Free

Metropcs Phones: How Can I Track a Metropcs Phone for Free

Metropcs Phones: How Can I Track a Metropcs Phone for Free
You could wish to trace a phone for a variety of reasons. It could be taken, lost, or keep track of its whereabouts. Phones from MetroPCS are much like any other phone. The T-Mobile carrier is the only distinction. Because of this, you may trace it for free by utilizing established techniques like IMEI or phone number tracking. Free MetroPCS Phone Tracking
There are four free ways to trace a MetroPCS phone: utilizing the AirDroid parental control program, Metro Guard, an IMEI number, or a mobile number tracker.
You can use any of these techniques as a MetroPCS phone locator, regardless of who the device’s owner is or whether it is yours or not.

Metro Pcs Phone Tracker for Air Droid

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Apps for parental control limit consumption, administer the device, and remotely keep track of the apps installed on it. None of the parental monitoring apps available on the Google Play Store is as useful as the AirDroid MetroPCS phone tracker. This all-in-one app enables remote control and tracking of the target phone. It runs in stealth mode in the background of the smartphone, remaining undetectable on the target phone.

Utilize the Air Droid Metro Pcs Phone Tracker to Follow Someone

Step 1: Download and install the AirDroid parental control app on your phone or tablet.
Step 2: Prior to login in, establish an account on the signup page.
Step 3: On the target Metro phone, download AirDroid Kids. Use the pairing code on your phone to connect the target phones to yours.

You May Track the Location of The Connected Devices for Free.

In addition to phone monitoring, the AirDroid MetroPCS phone tracker provides other fascinating functions. These qualities consist of;
Geofencing: Setting up a fictitious wall around the target phone at a particular location. When the metro phone enters or exits the geofenced region, you are notified.
GPS tracking is used by the AirDroid MetroPCS phone tracker to provide a phone’s current position.
Audio recording: The program allows you to record calls and other audio.
App Restriction: Using the app, you can prevent any app or website from running on your MetroPCS phone.
Limit screen time: To prevent addiction and regulate the use, you can schedule the screen time for particular games and apps.
Alerts and notifications: The AirDroid MetroPCS phone tracker lets you know when the device has been modified, the battery is running low, etc.

The Reasons Why We Selected Airdroid Metro Pcs Phone Tracker

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1. Track location in real-time and view surroundings on metro phones remotely.
2. Use mirror metro phones for secure internet transactions.
3. There is a 14-day free trial period available.
4. It operates in covert mode.

Phone Guard by Metro Guard

The preferred MetroPCS phone tracker is Metro guard. Finding your device is simple, especially if you think it may have gone missing or been misplaced nearby. To quickly track your metro phone, you must configure it to sound an alarm. You can utilise the map function on the MetroPCS phone finder to determine the location of your smartphone if the alarm “option” is unsuccessful.
Step 1: Access the Metro Guard Website and Log in Using Your Account Information.
Step 2: Locate the “alert” button to set off the phone’s alarm.
Step 3: To find your gadget, simply follow the sound.
Step 4: Switch to the map if you can’t find your phone using the alarm.
Step 5: To open the map, choose “find phone” from the menu.
Step 6: Using GPS technology, the device’s location will be displayed on a map.
To monitor a claim, call 1-866-268-7221 as well.

Track IMEI Number

There have been cases where SIM-card-equipped phones or GPS devices go missing. The phone can no longer be lost indefinitely with the aid of the IMEI number. Each mobile device has its own IMEI (International Mobile Equipment Identity) number. Similar to a social security number, imagine it.
If you are unable to locate your Metro phone, you may trace it for free using its IMEI number. Typically, this tracking technology is taken into account after all other options have been exhausted.
You can have the 15-digit number recorded because it would be difficult to remember. To find the phone’s IMEI, look underneath the battery or on the back of the device. You can also search for it by navigating to your device’s settings.
With the use of this number, you can permanently delete your Metro account.

Using a Metro Phone’s IMEI Number to Locate It;

Step 1 is to search for “IMEI tracker” in the Play Store.
Install the app, then allow permissions when asked to do so to enable all features.
Step 3: Enter the target phone’s IMEI number and select “track.”
Step 4: A list of destinations with a proximity indicator will show up on the screen.
Alternately, you can call this number to report the phone as missing and have the police find it for you. The phone will be blacklisted, and the IMEI is transmitted and tracked each time a call is made from it or a message is sent or received.

Tracking Mobile Numbers

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Using a mobile number tracker is an additional method of tracking a MetroPCS phone. You require a T-Mobile SIM card in order to use a metro phone. The number associated with the SIM card can be used if the phone disappears or if you need to find out where it is.
There are numerous trackers for mobile numbers. Some are online web pages, while others take the shape of third-party apps. So, using the Metro phone, one may enter a cell number to view its location for free.
Use a mobile number tracker that is available online or one that you can download from the Google Play store. There are numerous options accessible. Some offline works have a database with a 3D map and global codes.
When you log in with your phone number and password, Total Metro Protection can also serve as a mobile number tracker.

Part 2: What if My Metro Phone Is Lost?

Losing the metro phone might be a huge concern whether you use it for personal or professional reasons. However, if you do misplace your metro phone, you have methods to swiftly find it.
To find out how far or close the phone might be, you must first backtrack. or if it was stolen rather than lost. Utilize a MetroPCS phone locator next. On the entire protection site, you can utilize the Metro guard. If you are having trouble using the tracker, you may also get in touch with the support staff.

Part 3: Metro Pcs and Metro Phone Information

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Prepaid cellphone service provider (and brand) MetroPCS, now known as Metro by T-Mobile, is a subsidiary of T-Mobile. One of the biggest telecom networks in the country is this one. It is a mobile phone for personal communication that provides numerous low-cost prepaid cellular device plans. Additionally, customers can change carriers.

A Metro Pcs Phone Is Easy to Use. Three Steps Are Necessary

Step 1: Pick a Metro phone or continue using your current phone.
Step 2: Purchase a T-Mobile SIM card.
Step 3: Another option is Metro by T-Mobile.
All of this is possible through the Metro by T-Mobile website. If you intend to keep using your old phone, make sure the carrier accepts it. The device’s IMEI would be most useful for this. You can get a new phone from the Metro by T-Mobile shop if your current one isn’t very compatible.
The T-Mobile network, which the MetroPCS phone uses, offers coverage thanks to its towers. Additionally, users can get countrywide 5G service


If you can’t find your gadget or need to track one down, don’t freak out. A MetroPCS phone can be tracked for free in a number of ways. The AirDroid MetroPCS phone tracker can determine the precise location regardless of the phone’s current location. The app has successfully served as a trustworthy parental control and location tracker. It is accessible for both private and professional use. To obtain a free download, click here.