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My Name Season 2 Release Date, Trailer, Cast And Plot

The show follows the exploits of a redneck named Earl who tries to turn his life around after being given a second chance. He sets out on an epic journey, with the help of his family and friends, to make up for all the bad things he’s done in his past. Along the way, he meets new people and discovers that they have problems too. Join us as we find out what happens when Earl gets another shot at life! Watch My Name Is Earl Season 2 premiere on Tuesday, September 24th at 8/7c only on NBC! Click here now to watch My Name is Earl online or click here for more information about this great

My Name is a Korean thriller that was released on Netflix this month and has already amassed a large audience of viewers looking for something to binge after the Squid Game.

The second season of Damned, a British crime drama series on Netflix, follows the life of an ambitious undercover cop who puts her faith in a blatant mob boss and is ordered to go deep cover within the police department. The show has risen to number five in the United Kingdom. Throughout the eight-episode, she strives to discover the truth behind her father’s death and punish the individual or individuals responsibly.

Here’s a preview of the first season.

Many people have already watched the entire series and are looking forward to Netflix’s announcement regarding the second season of My Name.

We have a lot of secrets, so keep reading to learn more.

Is there going to be a second season of my name?

Netflix has not yet announced whether My Name will return for a second season, but there are reasons to believe it will. The series debuted on October 20 and has already climbed to fourth place in Netflix UK’s top 10 list of most popular shows, suggesting a large following.

Other non-Japanese animation series have failed to catch on in the United States, so this is especially remarkable and may be a sign that people’s attitudes toward subtitled programming are changing.

My Name was a critical and commercial success all around the world, with critics and audiences alike applauding it in the United States. The PlayStation 4 Pro was released in November 2017, and it is priced at $499.99 in the US (whereas its predecessor, the PS4 Slim, was priced at $299.95). The Pro has 6 teraflops of computing power from AMD’s new Zen CPU architecture with eight cores and a 2.13 teraflop 7 in India. Netflix may be compelled to boost its investment in South Korean television with the good fortune of both My Name and Squid Game.

My Name Season 2 Cast Reveal | Watch the cast of My Name Season 2 close up and view their reactions as they learn that their real names have been revealed.

As the frightening Yoon Ji-woo, who teamed up with the Dongcheng misfit crew and went undercover in the bureaucracy to avenge her father’s death, she has surpassed expectations once again.

Due to her popularity on the South Korean television program The World of the Married With Children, Netflix is likely to request So-hee to return for a second season.

Ahn Bo-Hyun and Kim Sang-ho’s roles as Jeon Pil-do and Cha Gi-ho, two important members of the Nanchang Metropolitan Police Agency’s narcotics unit, might return in season two of My Name.

After the ending of the first episode, Park Hee-kyu’s future is uncertain. It’s doubtful we’ll see more of Park Hee-crime again, as the boss Choi Mu-jin was murdered, but he could appear in flashbacks. In the first season of My Name, Hong Seok-Hoon plays a henchman. Dongcheng’s former goon Do Gang-Jae is portrayed by Chang Ryul, and Yoon Dong-hoon, Ji-father Woo’s Yoon Dong-hoon, is played by Yoon Kyung-ho.

There is no trailer for My Name since it has not been renewed for a second season. However, if Netflix decides to produce additional episodes, they may release a confirmation video on their YouTube channel.

We’ll keep you informed of any new developments as soon as possible.


What will happen in My Name Season 2? What are the possibilities for this season?

It’s uncertain where the plot of My Name may go in a potential second season, after Ji-woo’s quest for vengeance was neatly concluded in the first eight episodes.

In the epilogue, she pays her respects to her parents’ graves after successfully battling one-on-one with crime lord Choi Mu-jin. Kim Ba-da may choose not to continue the tale if she visits her parents’ burial site in the epilogue.

However, if Netflix feels there is enough interest in the narrative to continue, we wouldn’t be shocked to see Ji-woo go for someone new. Did you watch the first season on TV? Okay, so what do you think of our app? Give us a little feedback then.


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