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What is The Net Worth of Hakeem Olajuwon? Independent Loud

Olajuwon’s first marriage was to Dalia Asafi in 1996. Aisha, Rahmah, Abdullah, and Abdul are the four children of the couple. As a result of an earlier union, Olajuwon is also the father of a girl named Abisola.
Olajuwon began teaching young basketball players how to play in the frontcourt in 2006 when he inaugurated the first of his Big Man Camps. As a coach, he also works with other NBA players to help them improve their skills. –

Olajuwon is also fluent in Arabic, French, Ekiti, and Yoruba, in addition to English. Olajuwon is a devout Muslim who says he reads the Qur’an every day.

Early Life

As a child in Lagos, Nigeria, Hakeem was raised by Yoruba parents Abike and Salim who operated a cement company. Olajuwon was a soccer goalkeeper when he was a young boy. He began playing basketball in a local tournament while attending the Muslim Teachers College. Olajuwon then moved to the United States to play for the University of Houston Cougars in basketball. He became the Cougars’ sixth man after redshirting his initial year. The nickname “The Dream” was coined around this time because of his easy dunks during this period. Cougars won two consecutive NCAA championship games under Olajuwon during his sophomore and junior years at the university. Olajuwon was named the 1983 NCAA Tournament Player of the Year despite the fact that his team lost both occasions.

Start with the Houston Rockets

The Houston Rockets selected Olajuwon as the first overall pick in the 1984 NBA draught. His first season with the Rockets was a huge success, as he helped them improve their win-loss record dramatically. Rookie of the Year runner-up Michael Jordan finished the season ahead of him. The next year, Olajuwon contributed to the Rockets’ trip to the Western Conference Finals, which they ultimately prevailed in. After that, they made it all the way to the NBA Finals, where they were defeated by the Boston Celtics in six games.

With 13.5 rebounds per game in the 1988-89 NBA season, Olajuwon was the Rockets’ unquestioned leader. A disappointing season in 2014-15 did not deter Olajuwon, who continued to dominate the league in both rebounds and blocks. Only three other players in NBA history have ever recorded a quadruple-double. Olajuwon improved his passing in 1992-93 after a poor 1991-92 campaign, when he set a new career-high assist rate of 3.5 per game. This season, the Houston Rockets set a new record for wins with 55. Olajuwon, on the other hand, came in second place in the MVP race behind Charles Barkley.

What is Hakeem Olajuwon’s net worth?

Ex-Nigerian-American basketball player Hakeem Olajuwon is worth $300 million, according to Forbes. While playing in the NBA for the Houston Rockets and Toronto Raptors, Hakeem Olajuwon won back-to-back championships with the Rockets in the mid-’90s. In addition, he was a member of the 1996 US Olympic team that won a gold medal. Olajuwon is the first non-American to be named an All-Star and NBA MVP. He is widely regarded as one of the greatest players in basketball history.

Hakeem Olajuwon Net Worth

After he retired, Hakeem began a career as an entrepreneur that has been enormously profitable for him. During the past two decades, he has bought and sold more than $150 million worth of real property.

Hakeem earned over $110 million in compensation during his time in the NBA. In the 2000-2001 season, he earned $16.7 million with the Houston Rockets, which was his biggest year of earnings. In today’s dollars, that equates to about $27 million.

1996 Olympics

Olajuwon was a member of the US Olympic basketball team known as Dream Team II in 1996 when his career was at its pinnacle. Olajuwon and the rest of the Dream Team, including Shaquille O’Neal, won the gold medal in the tournament as a group.

Final Years with the Rockets

When the Rockets were ousted in the second round of the 1996 NBA Playoffs, Olajuwon’s winning streak with the franchise came to an end. However, the following year, they had Charles Barkley on the team and won 57 games. Olajuwon’s scoring output increased during the 1998-99 season, allowing him to make his 12th and final All-NBA Team.


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