6ix9ine hinted at retiring from rap earlier this week on Instagram, saying he’s “accomplished everything i dreamed of in five months,” and then removed all posts from his Instagram account. Amid all of the confusion, 6ix9ine arrived back on Tuesday (April 10) with the release of his newest single “Gotti”.

Today (April 15), 6ix9ine dropped the much-anticipated video for “Gotti” after he and Cole Bennett we’re sitting on the final product of the video shoot, for what feels like months. 6ixine teased a few visual elements of the video earlier in the week, including one photo of the rapper switching bodies with a bikini-clad women, and the conquering image of Tekashi staring down a rainbow.

It’s quite an emotional video, for so many reasons. You see the generous side to 6ix9ine, giving thousands after thousands of people on the street in need. See the official video clip below.


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