6ix9ine has remained behind bars since Nov. 19, 2018, after he and a number of his associates, including ex-manager Shotti, were arrested on federal racketeering and firearm charges. Following his subsequent arrest, the Brooklyn rapper has made many attempts to secure his release and was even attempting a $1.5 million bail plea during a recent court appearance.

After 6ix9ines failure to reach any agreements so far with the court, his lawyer is now ready to take things far more serious. In a recent report, Tekashi’s lawyer insisted that if he feels anything unlawful takes place in his upcoming court hearing on February 20, he will bring the case to Congress or even President Donald Trump himself.

“The letter containing information about my previous relationship with the other co-defendants was indeed sent before the deadline, January 28, 2019. If not accepted and deal B gets unlawfully dismissed, I will consider it an unlawful act by the federal court of New York. I will then consider leaving it up to congress or the president himself,” the report read.

6ix9ine’s next pre-trial conference is locked in for Feb. 27, about six months before his trial kicks off. Tekashi will face 32 years to life in prison if convicted on all charges.

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