By now you probably know 6ix9ine is the king of trolling, targeting everyone from hip-hop artists to sport’s stars, in fact, he may even have beef with you without you knowing it. The Brooklyn rapper has built his career by mostly trolling people on the internet, along with achieving success from his debut project Day 69, giving Tekashi a mass following of equal supporters and haters.

On Monday (April 16), 6ix9ine called out boxer Adrian Broner, betting $300K that he will lose his fight this weekend against Jessie Vargis in Brooklyn.

Philadelphia boxer Adrien Broner isn’t backing down from the Brooklyn rapper. The boxing star responded to 6ix9ine’s bet, posting a photo on Instagram with a signed check for $300K. “Just heard 6ix9ine wanna make a small bet for my fight April 21st… well look your check is made bro just have my money when I beat the sh**t out of Jessie Vargas… see you soon I’m pulling up to New York now,” said the Philadelphia boxer.

With 24 knockouts on his belt, there’s a high chance Broner could confidently win the fight. Either way, regardless of the outcome of the fight, somebody is about to lose $300,000.

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