The ever-entertaining Casanova 2X visited The Breakfast Club Thursday morning (February 14) to discuss his upcoming EP Free At Last dropping this month.

The hip-hop artist also discussed everything from 6ix9ine’s legal problems to Gucci, including why he beleives 6ix9ine snitching to federal authorities is the logical move for the Brooklyn rapper.

“You go to the feds for a f****ng RICO, and they offer you 20 years, and your a millionaire, you’re telling,” said Casanova referring to 6ix9ine’s Racketeering charge. “Listen, man, he coming home in about two years… You ain’t getting no time for that. He might come home in a year; you know what i’m saying? If you cooperate when they debrief you, you cop out to all of your charges; you can come home in six months.”

6ix9ine could be facing a minimum of 47 years in prison, therefore, cooperating with the feds will undoubtedly reduce the rapper’s sentence significantly. After all, it’s not 6ix9ine the feds are really after. Tekashi to date has had enormous success with his music career, meaning he likely didn’t have or need any direct involvement with many of the underlying charges including drug trafficking and gang-related activities. The federal authorities can however use 6ix9ine’s connections and knowledge to make further inroads on more important crimes they are trying to tackle.

Check out Casanova’s Breakfast Club interview below.

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