Fresh out of prison, Meek Mill is all the talk right now. Everybody wants the chance to speak with him about his experience behind bars and what his plans are moving forward. Meek caught up with Angie Martinez on Tuesday morning for her first “One On One” show via Tidal, he then proceeded that afternoon appearing on Angie’s afternoon radio spot on Power 105.1.

Meek sat down for a 26-minute interview speaking about his #FreeMeek campaign, the culture shock experienced after time behind bars, and even touched on Kanye West, to which he was shocked and saddened by the rapper’s recent comments on slavery. He does, however, agree on some occasions that Ye is trying to express a positive message.

“I saw a clip where he was saying something extra then what they were showing on TV, and he was speaking on some things that were true,” Meek said. “When he talking about slavery & people not having a choice. I disagree ten thousand percent. I don’t know what he’s talking about. But I know he trying to deliver a message for a better cause. His intention is there. I just think he’s not informed enough to speak on some of things he’s speaking on.”

Check out the full half-hour interview below.


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