DJ Akademiks and Omelly have been at it for a hot minute now. Akademiks, well known from his social media channels has caught himself in yet another sticky situation with Omelly for allegedly disrespecting rapper Meek Mill.

Earlier today (Jan 29), Dreamchasers affiliate Omelly joined an Instagram Live stream, questioning why Akademiks keeps talking down on Meek and the rest of the team. “Why you keep talking down on my dog man,” the 32-year-old Meek affiliate said to the camera. “I got no hostility man you’re always on some negative s**t when it comes to the team n***a.” He then went on to recount that every time their’s a problem between two parties, Akademics is always rocking with the opposition.

Akademiks denied any wrongdoing, insisting he speaks very positive about Meek since getting out of jail. “Omelly, ill send you clips every time we talk about Meek this year, it’s been very positive,” said Akademiks as he responds to Omelly’s claims.

Watch a clip of the heated argument below.

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