Rapper Riff Raff aka Jody High Roller has taken to Instagram to make a statement to friends, family, and fans, revealing that he has been extorted and blackmailed by an escort agency and lawyer for the most part of the last four years.

During Riff Raff’s emotional statement, he claims the escort agency is demanding 1 Million dollars cash for unclear reasons and also insists they have done this to multiple other celebrities and athletes.

“I got to make a statement to my friends, family and all, all my loved ones that I’ve been keeping a secret for the last four years,” he said in an Instagram video. “I’ve been extorted, blackmailed and demanded that I give $1 million cash to an escorting agency and to a fake ass lawyer who’s been running scams, working contingencies upon athletes and high-end celebrities.”

Check out the statement published to Instagram below:

In the post, the Houston rapper said he’s hired private detectives to assist with the case. He also noted police have successfully identified the people behind the scam. At the end of his video, he made a cryptic plea to his family and friends.

“If anything ever happens to me, make sure to take care of my huskies,” he stated.

Hopefully, Riff Raff can get this situation under control and taken care of to finally end this four-year long scam.

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