A wise man once said that in this world, you either crank that Soulja Boy, or it cranks you. In the past few weeks, no one has cranked that Soulja Boy quite as hard as Soulja Boy himself: The Chicago born rapper has been trending online recently, attempting to assert his place in hip-hop by trying to start beef with every rapper that comes in his path.

This time the 28-year-old rapper has taken aim at Chicago rapper Famous Dex, firing shots at him during a live stream on his Instagram account. “F**k Famous Dex n***a, you heard what I said, boy… you gon give me my respect or I’m going to take it you little f****d n***a,” he said. “You don’t know how to fight boy, stop playing. I’ll break your jaw.”

Continuing from there, Dex joined the live chat where the heated argument continued. Dex fired back at Soulja before leaving the chat moments later. 
Continuing from there, Soulja exclaimed,  “I didn’t do nothing but try help Famous Dex bro. He was in Chicago broke bro when he called me… I could have been like f**k Famous Dex, I don’t want to f**k with this n***a, you know what I’m saying? I’ve been a real n****a bruh.” It’s clear that he wants smoke from the way he’s talking about Dex.

Meanwhile, Soulja boy is requesting fans send him donations without specifying what the funds are for. “All my fans send me something,” he tweeted. “I will pick a random donator who sends the largest donation and give you a free SouljaWatch and SouljaConsole tweet me when your [sic] done!”

Check out the heated argument between Soulja Boy and Famous Dex below.

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