Soulja Boy’s been the talk of the town in recent weeks. From selling video games, watches, and beefing with every rapper possible on Instagram, the 28-year-old rapper is doing anything to keep his career alive while also cranking out some pretty memorable viral moments in the process.

In recent times, Soulja Boy’s been making his rounds through Instagram rocking a Gucci headband. It’s not an uncommon sight to see rappers wearing them these days. However, many people, including Torey Lanez, have taken notice of how stretched out, crusty, and aged the headband is looking.

“I’m all for what you’re talking about Soulja Boy, like, I’m really all for it,” Lanez said. “But one thing though, that Gucci headband gotta go! That shit gotta die!”

Torey Lanez isn’t the only one to pick up on how old the headband is looking. Numerous people have been roasting Soulja Boy through social media, some even saying the bandana actually won the 10-year-challenge, while others opened a GoFundMe page to assist in buying him a new headband.

Thankfully, DJ Akademiks stepped in during a recent interview to get rid of the headband once and for all. “You got to get rid of this Gucci headband though bro, like you got to retire it,” Akademiks said.

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Ms black

I love him but them shits come in different colors nigga should have a color headband for every day to match he getting that money now