Patrick Wallace, better known as Supreme Patty, is a viral Instagram star with more than 4.5 million followers and can best be described as a modern-day version of Johnny Knoxville from MTV’s Jackass. The young star’s Instagram feed is filled with comedy stunts, most of which put him in painful to watch situations – like squeezing lime juice into his eyes.

A new video surfaced yesterday (July 29) on his feed allegedly showing Patty involved in what appears to be a car wreck. The video shows him bearly conscious in a slouched over position with blood dripping from his head.

No official reports from authorities or emergency services have surfaced yet, leaving his current condition unknown. Patty’s team did, however, leave a small statement on his Instagram. The post reads “Thanks to everyone for sending your positive energy and prayers for Patty. He’s recovering & wants y’all to know he’s safe and healing up”.

Domislive reported the car accident may even be fake, pointing at a publicity stunt as the likely explanation. “Something seems very fishy about this situation and, I feel like it’s a publicity stunt.”

Do you think the car accident is a publicity stunt? Let us know in the comment section below.

Check out the video posted to Supreme Patty’s Instagram below.

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