At just 18 years of age, Ohio rapper Trippie Redd has had quite the career. The rapper has achieved two gold-certification singles and featured in collaborations with Travis Scott, Lil Yachty, XXXTentacion and other respected artists. Trippie’s future is looking bright, but behind the scenes, things are a little different.

Trippie has been going through relationship issues with Angvish in recent months, and It appears he has finally ended things completely after making the announcement via Instagram yesterday. “Single again. Tired of this toxic ass shit”, the Ohio rapper said in the post.

via @TrippieRedd Instagram

Now if you follow Trippie’s social, this isn’t really a surprise. The pair had already split once before earlier this month following more complications with their relationship. During the same time, Trippie posted a video of his old girlfriend, Mulan Vuitton, who he originally left for Angvish. In the video posted by Trippie, you can see Mulan dancing to one of his songs. He also later changed the caption on the video to “My Heart.”. The post has since been deleted.


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