Unlike many other festivals, Rolling loud really brings something special and unique out of the rappers that perform. From high-flying stunts to amazing surprises, each artist really puts on a show and connect’s with the audience in their own unique way.

During day 2 of Rolling Loud, fans got to see Ski Mask The Slump God and XXXTentacion put aside their bad blood as they performed together after X made a surprise appearance during Ski Mask’s set.

This time last year, seeing the two rappers performing together was nothing out of the ordinary. But over the last year, some weird events began unfolding, leading to a public fall out between the two rappers. Things began to turn sour when X pleaded with fans via Instagram to get Ski Mask to be his friend again.

Back in December 2017, X even said ‘No’ to Ski Masks request for them to collaborate sometime in the future. X rejected the request, saying “My response to the request for the song by Ski is no. I am going to destroy all of these rappers, none of them are friends to me, they don’t give a fuck about me they just want my energy. Keeping my foot on they throat. Fuck ‘all’ of ’em.”

Things were pretty bizarre for a while, but it looks like the two rappers and longtime friends put their beef aside at Rolling Loud. X stood behind Ski onstage and declared “I love you, bro” before Ski replies: “I love you too, fam.” The two then hugged as the crowd cheered for them.

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