You never know what might be around the corner. For Yungeen Ace, he’s living every day as if it were his last. The young Jacksonville rapper was recently a victim of a fatal shooting, leaving him in a critical condition with multiple bullet wounds and three others dead. Lucky to be alive, Yungeen was transported to a nearby hospital where spent a short time recovering before police arrested him on a violation of probation. Instead of recovering in hospital, Yungeen spent several days in a jail cell before being released and placed on house arrest.

Yungeen has been mourning the death of the three other victims who lost their lives, including his brother Tre. After surviving the shooting as well as a jail sentence, Yungeen is now paying tribute to his brother and friends, getting each of them tattoed across his stomach with words reading “Livin Forever In Me.”

An extended look at Yungeen Ace’s Instagram helps paint a picture of the true relationship he had with his brother and friends. There are photos of the rappers friends and brother hanging out and enjoying time together.

See the Instagram post below showing Yungeen’s tattoo.


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