Home Entertainment O2 Movie Review: The O2 Film Has a Terrific Concept and Setting!

O2 Movie Review: The O2 Film Has a Terrific Concept and Setting!

O2 Movie Review: The O2 Film Has a Terrific Concept and Setting!

GS Viknesh wrote and directed O2, a Tamil film released in 2022. Dream Warrior Pictures is a production company founded by SR Prabhu and SR Prabhu.

Nayanthara plays the lead in the Tamil film O2. This film’s soundtrack is composed by Vishal Chandrasekhar, who also serves as the film’s music director. The cinematography is handled by Thamizh A Azhagan, and the film’s editor is Selva RK.


o2 movie review

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o2 movie review GS Viknesh, the director-writer of O2, taps on our fear of running out of the same substance that keeps us alive: oxygen.

The film’s opening scene is quite cliched. We get repeated pictures and a song throughout the first 15 minutes of the film to establish a fundamental point about a mother’s unconditional love for her son.

We get to the interesting portion after we get over certain non-essential narrative duties. Veera (Rithvik), Parvathy’s (Nayanthara) kid, has a medical problem that requires him to be on oxygen 24 hours a day.

His misery, however, is about to come to an end, as he is going to undergo life-saving surgery that will allow him to breathe normally without assistance. Parvathy and Veera are on their way to a hospital in Cochin for the surgery. Everything is packed, even Veera’s pet pot plant and a spare oxygen tank. Both are vital to the events that are about to take place.

Parvathy and Veera’s bus ride is fraught with strife. A corrupt cop with a handgun and a bag full of cocaine, a recently released convicted felon, a couple of lovers planning to elope, a father who has no idea that his daughter is planning to elope, a morally flexible politician, and a bus driver in a constant moral dilemma are the companions of the mother-son duo on a journey that quickly turns traumatic.

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The bus transporting Parvathy and Veera is buried by a landslide, turning the vehicle into a giant coffin. As the passengers on the bus continue to argue without realizing the seriousness of the situation, Parvathy intervenes and informs them of the danger they are in. “We’re trapped within a coffin.” “We’ve run out of oxygen.”

She instructs passengers not to exert too much physical or mental effort in order to exhaust all of the air in the bus. At first, they all appear to recognize the gravity of the issue. However, things quickly start to fall apart.

Everyone’s darkest side comes out when they’re afraid. And by pushing individuals over the brink and forcing them to choose between a clear, guilt-free conscience and a puff of medical-grade oxygen, the dishonest cop becomes an agent of chaos.

People who appear to be nice and reasonable turn out to be murderers, while those we think are the worst turn out to be the decent ones.

We know that, amid all the commotion, Veera’s oxygen tank will become a coveted commodity for which people will kill. As the situation swings from hope to despair, Viknesh plays with our brains.

Passengers will occasionally find a method to introduce fresh air into the bus, making the condition livable. However, when the bus sinks farther, all thoughts of survival are dashed. We are relieved to know that Veera will be safe now that oxygen is flowing. But it’s the issue of how long that keeps us invested.

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Nayanthara is known as a lady superstar for a variety of reasons. She has done so many female-centric films that directors who have such screenplays turn to her exclusively. And our female diva has never shied away from appearing in such films. O2, starring Nayantara, was released today on Disney + Hotstar and is one of those Nayantara flicks that would disappoint you in every way.

O2, directed by GS Viknesh, is one such film, designed solely for the purpose of making a survival drama with a female lead. The twists and turns, on the other hand, neither delight nor surprise you.

The O2 film has a terrific concept and setting, but it falls short on the narrative. It doesn’t make you worry about the passengers confined in the bus, but it does make you giggle at several situations that aren’t completed completely. After a certain point, you will no longer care about the characters and will instead begin to distance yourself from them.

Natural disaster films have been done before, but nothing looks as out of place as O2. The story should have been changed by the director to make it better.

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