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Are Joe Locke and Sebastian Croft Dating? Take a look at the love life of Heartstopper Star.

The countdown to Netflix’s new teen series, Heartstopper, has begun. We’ve learned more about the cast of Heartstopper in the days leading up to the show’s premiere.

In the course of the show, the question of whether or not two cast members are dating in real life keeps coming up. If Joe Locke and Sebastian Croft are dating, there is a lot of intrigues. We had no trouble answering this question.

The story of Charlie (Joe Locke) and Nick (Kit Connor), two high school buddies, is told in Heartstopper. Their bond suddenly blossoms into something more, and they must learn how to navigate first love while dealing with the ups and downs of school life.

No matter how much the show centers on Charlie and Nick, we always learn something new about the people around us. Sebastian Croft portrays Ben, an adolescent who is trying to accept his sexuality, as a bully.

Afraid to confront his feelings for Charlie, Ben abuses him because he likes him. When Netflix’s highly anticipated original series premieres on April 22nd, we’ll find out.

The actors who portray Charlie and Ben, Joe Locke and Sebastian Croft, maybe in a relationship for the time being.

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Is Joe Locke dating Sebastian Croft?

Sorry to disappoint any Joe Locke and Sebastian Croft fans who had their hopes up. They’re close friends. However, neither Joe nor Sebastian acknowledged that they are dating.

Joe Locke and Sebastian Croft Dating

Everything began when Joe and Sebastian’s admirers noticed that they were the ones who shared the most photos of each other on social media platforms. Rumors of their married status were fuelled by two photographs that were widely shared.

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One of these photographs can be seen on Joe Locke’s Instagram page. There is no evidence that Joe and Sebastian are dating despite the fact that they are both wearing matching coats in the photograph. The second image can be found on Sebastian Croft’s Instagram page.

This photo shows Joe and Sebastian hugging and smiling at the camera. As a result, there’s no evidence to suggest that the two are dating. Sebastian Croft and Joe Locke appear to be single.

Joe Locke and Sebastian Croft Dating

They are believed to be unmarried unless they publicly declare their relationship status or there is additional evidence to the contrary.

Streaming of the film Heartstopper will begin on Netflix on April 22.



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