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Olivia Wilde Is Dating Harry Styles, Take A Look At Her Dating History

Friends and family members, as well as coworkers, are included. Having met on the set of Don’t Worry, Darling, Harry Styles, and Olivia Wilde quickly developed feelings for each other.

During the manager’s wedding in January 2021, Styles and his manager were spotted holding hands. According to our insider, the two hit it off right away when they initially started working together.

A source claims that “Harry and Olivia had chemistry almost immediately on filming.”. It seemed inevitable that they would run into each other at some time. ‘It was inevitable that they would,'” he said.

Olivia Wilde Dating History

It was three months after Styles was cast in the movie that Wilde began seeing the British artist after divorcing her fiancé Jason Sudeikis.

More than a decade after they wed, Sudeikis and the director of Booksmart welcomed Daisy and Otis into the world.

Styles was not to blame for House alum’s split from Ted Lasso, a source told us at the time of the romance’s inception.

Olivia Wilde Dating History

“Harry did not break up an engagement,” the insider stated.

They tried to hide their feelings for each other at first, even if Styles wasn’t in the way.

It took some time before the affair between Olivia and Harry became public knowledge, an insider said to Us magazine in January 2021.

In the end, it was only a small handful of people who worked on the set every day who was able to figure it out.

The 1950s-set psychological thriller stars Florence Pugh, Chris Pine, Gemma Chan, KiKi Layne, and Nick Kroll.

After filming wrapped in February 2021, Wilde and Styles took a short vacation to London to unwind.

Olivia Wilde Dating History

In April 2021, the Us reported that “People prefer to respect people’s privacy in London, therefore it is likely that they feel comfortable wandering around alone and do not feel that they require a bodyguard.”

The two were “discovered” in local bars during their trip to London.

“They were strolling close together and had their arms linked together,” an onlooker who ran into the couple when they were out on a stroll said.

The two of them appeared to be quite close and devoted to one another.

As their romance developed, actress Life Itself publicly backed her beau’s musical and artistic endeavors. “Love on Tour” events featured her children as well as his mother Anne, she noted in an Instagram post. He appeared in the Eternals and they all danced together.

When Harry Styles performed at Madison Square Garden in October 2021, Wilde was “nonstop dancing on the floor,” an insider said.

Read on to learn more about the odd bond between Styles and Wilde:

September 2020

Olivia Wilde Dating History

Do Not Worry, Darling featured Harry Styles in the lead role as Florence Pugh’s husband. Shia LaBeouf was replaced by the singer, who was dismissed from the role by Wilde for allegedly clashing with the cast and crew..

January 2021

They were caught holding hands at Jeffrey Azoff’s wedding in California.

According to a source, Harry even referred to Wilde as “his girlfriend” in his wedding address.

Immediately after announcing their relationship, the two were spotted returning to Styles’ LA home.

Styles and Wilde took to the streets of Santa Barbara, California, to flaunt their newfound affection. In a photo taken in January 2021, he reaches out to stroke Wilde’s thigh as they walk together.

February 2021

The cast and crew of New Yorker Don’t Worry Darling was applauded on social media when production finished.

Little known fact: most male actors do not want to accept supporting roles in female-led films, Wilde revealed on Instagram in February 2021.

Films with female protagonists have a hard time securing finance since the industry has taught them that taking on these positions weakens their power” (i.e. financial value). To say that finding performers who are willing to let a woman play the lead is a challenge is no joke is an understatement.

“Our ‘Jack,’ @harrystyles,’ steps forward,” she continued. The only thing that made this job enjoyable for him was Florence Pugh’s portrayal as “Alice,” yet his humanity was visible in every scene. He accepted our request to join our circus with grace and humility, and he continues to amaze us with his talent, friendliness, and ability to drive backward.”

The couple was spotted together in a cast photo.

April 2021

Harry and Olivia have been in London, according to a source. During her time gone, he has allowed her to reside in his apartment. To keep things low-key, they’re going to places that aren’t too crowded.”

July 2021

A source tells Us that Olivia is “extremely smitten” with Harry after the couple was spotted packing on the PDA while on vacation. ” It’s priceless the way he makes her feel.”

Her joyous side has been freed, as if by his actions. As a result of their openness, they’ve been able to achieve success. When they put on the PDA, it appears to them that no one is watching.

September 2021

Olivia Wilde Dating History

On September 4, Wilde was spotted filming and dancing to Styles’ music at a concert in Las Vegas.

April 2022

Since “As It Was” was released earlier this month, many fans were anxious to analyse the significance of Styles’ lyrics. Leave America with two kids following her was taken as an allusion to his feelings for Wilde, rather than Otis and Daisy.

According to Styles, his idea for the song came from being “extremely pleased at the moment,” which he expressed on SiriusXM’s The Morning Mash Up. For the first time, he says, he feels “from a real position of type of personal independence” when he creates and releases music.


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