Home Technology Organization Hacks: Easy Life Hacks for Organizing Your Home

Organization Hacks: Easy Life Hacks for Organizing Your Home

Organization Hacks: Easy Life Hacks for Organizing Your Home

Your space can be negatively impacted by crammed countertops and overflowing drawers. It only seems sensible to give the less attractive areas of your home some love too, given all the effort (and money!) you spend adorning it with items you adore. Additionally, consider how much time you’ll save when you stop having to search through mountains of clutter to get what you need. It might be time to organize if your cabinet for food storage containers resembles an avalanche rather than a cabinet. You’re in luck because we searched the web for some of the top organizing tips and tricks to help you get rid of your clutter.

Install a pegboard.

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Take it from designer Marianne Evannou: “Your shelf space is valuable, so don’t give it all up when you could install a peg board on a free wall instead.”. Peg walls are fantastic for adaptable storage because you can easily make them smaller or larger depending on how much space you need. Your kitchen gadgets will look stylish and are very simple to find.

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Make Use Of Bed Slats

Get rid of an outdated bed? Reuse the slats to build a flexible storage area. Use S-hooks to hang objects like cooking tools, kitchen herbs, or even baskets to hold things like dishcloths. Even in a closet, you could use this to hang jewelry or shoes.

Organize Sheets Wisely

It’s not necessary for your linen closet to be a nightmare. Making your bed will become easier with this clever trick. We regret not having thought of this earlier, to be honest. So you never have to look for the matching set again, store your fitted sheet, flat sheet, and additional pillowcases in another pillowcase.

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Store lawn and garden tools on a pallet.

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If you have a yard or garden, you are aware of the extensive use of long-handled tools. Pallets are inexpensive and simple to obtain if you don’t already have any laying around. Your equipment will be organized and accessible once you’ve finished this fast project, which should just take an hour.

This pallet might be quickly fastened to a fence, a shed, or the exposed wall studs in your garage. Make sure your screws are long enough to pass through the pallet and the wall you are mounting it to, regardless of what you decide. Two screws, one into each exposed wall stud, were drilled into the pallet. The pallet isn’t so heavy, so you won’t need a lot of screws or nails.

Looking for more strategies to improve your workshop’s efficiency? Here are 19 suggestions from a skilled woodworker and DIYer.

Put Your Coffee Pods in Order

Keurig, Nespresso, or any other brand of coffee capsules can be a nightmare to keep organized, but this hack employs straightforward T-molding as a great organizational method. T-molding features grooves that the coffee pods can slide into and is made for wood floor transitions, but it also works perfectly as a rack to store coffee pods. Wherever wood flooring is sold, prefinished T-molding is offered. The cost for a 4-foot section is around $20. To begin:

  • Calculate the coffee pod’s top diameter (to figure out the spacing needed between each piece of molding).
  • To fit the length of your cabinet, cut the T-molding.
  • After that, pre-drill screw holes in the racks and attach them to a shelf or cabinet’s underside using screws (ours are 3 in. apart for Keurig pods).
  • Use brass screws and finish washers for a neater appearance.

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Useful Shopping Bags

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Have you ever carried so many items in a heavy load that your reusable shopping bag ripped? To fit the base of your reusable shopping bag, find a scrap piece of plywood sitting about your workshop and cut it to those dimensions. In the bottom of your reusable grocery bag, swap out the thin plastic insert (so prone to breaking and cracking) with a piece of plywood that has been measured and cut.

Make Tool Holders out Of Gutters.

I found this suggestion when I needed to come up with a new tool storage solution for my garage that would also fit in my brand-new truck bed toolboxes: I found a properly sized tool bag that I wasn’t using in my garage, but it lacked compartments that my larger tool bag has. I prefer to have my tools arranged so that I can see them all at once and reach in to get one without having to open the entire bag.

To divide the tool bag into halves, I went around my shed and discovered a section of PVC gutter downspout that was the appropriate size. I used my miter saw to properly cut the downspout into 5-in lengths. I then positioned them vertically inside the tool bag in a grid design and adhered them all together. [Bert Jandy]

PVC Razor Storage

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Make this straightforward razor holder out of a short piece of 1-inch PVC pipe.

  • Just a bit longer than your blades, cut the pipe into sections.
  • Then use hot glue to adhere them together.

I’m done now! As many razor slots as your family require can be created. To be even more orderly, label each piece of pipe with a name or a color so your family members will know which razor belongs to them. To keep the component attached to your cabinet or drawer, you may also put a bead of hot glue around the bottom of the assembled item.

Kitchen Drawer Insert for The Bathroom

Because so many tiny items need to be housed in cabinets and drawers, bathrooms can rapidly become cluttered and unorganized. You need to go no further than the kitchen to maintain tidy, organized bathroom drawers! A bathroom drawer can also be organized with a silverware drawer attachment.

Toothbrushes and toothpaste tubes fit perfectly in the long slots of a silverware organizer. The little compartments are perfect for containing lip balm, floss containers, etc., while the medium-sized compartments are perfect for disposable razors or clippers.