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Parentsalarm: Email & Phone of Top Management Contacts

A cloud-based school administration tool is called Parentsalarm. The integrated digital portal can be utilised to improve student, library, transportation, and account management, among other functions. In order to keep parents informed about their children’s academic achievement, the school administration can send them periodic information. They have the ability to send notifications about due fees, pending library books, disciplinary actions, outcomes, and homework.

Administrators can publish information about academic activities, planned holidays, and upcoming tests. Through a missed call alert system, this software may also be used to track the precise GPS whereabouts of buses as they travel the route. For parents, teachers can produce analytical reports and track attendance. With the help of this system, schools can automate every step of the admissions process, save time, and increase overall productivity. They have the authority to apply CCE regulations on academic etiquette.

Parentsalarm.Com in Chennai’s T Nagar


In T Nagar, Chennai, Parentsalarm.com is renowned for properly meeting the needs of its clientele. Since its founding in 2009, the company has been well-known in its industry. It is situated at New No. 48, Old No. 55, Burkit Road, T Nagar-600017, beside Canara Bank. This restaurant is located next to Opp. Canara Bank is a well-known landmark in the neighbourhood. Through its products and services, the company aims to create a satisfying experience. Every business transaction is simple and straightforward thanks to the accepted payment methods, which include Cash, Mastercard, Visa, Debit Cards, Cheques, American Express Cards, and Credit Cards. This helps to increase the efficiency of the entire process.

Parentsalarm.com in T Nagar, Chennai, is committed to putting the needs of its customers first, and it is because of this that the company has developed enduring partnerships. The provision of top-notch products and/or services and ensuring a favourable client experience are given high priority.

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Features of Parentsalarm

Attendance Control

The attendance tracking feature allows school administrators to track each student’s regular attendance and send

Location Monitoring

The whereabouts of a school bus can be tracked using the Parentsalarm school management software’s missed call alert system.

Transport Administration

Bus fleets may be managed, their trips tracked, and the drivers held responsible for each student’s safety.

Performance Administration

The programme can be used by the administration of the school to regularly notify parents about the performances made by their children, in

Management of Exams

Teachers may input all pertinent data regarding upcoming tests, reading materials, past year’s test questions,

Homework Organization

On the platform, teachers can post tasks, projects, and other materials for students to download and complete. to be parents

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On this digital platform, school administrations can broadcast messages, issue circulars, and update their policies.

Smartphone application

Parents can follow their children’s progress and communicate with the school administration via its user-friendly smartphone application.


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