Home Technology Photo Hacks: 5 Creative Photography Hacks for Every Photographer

Photo Hacks: 5 Creative Photography Hacks for Every Photographer

Photo Hacks: 5 Creative Photography Hacks for Every Photographer

To improve your abilities, are you looking for the greatest creative photography hacks? It may seem tough to keep up with all of the most recent photography equipment and accessories because the field of photography is one that is always growing. You could feel jealous of photographers who seem to have every camera and lens imaginable.

However, you don’t have to blow all your money on brand-new machinery in order to keep up. In actuality, many of the most intriguing photographic techniques don’t call for a big expenditure. You may perform a variety of inventive photography hacks using nothing more than a smartphone or a basic DSLR and an original photoshoot location.

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Visit our website to see what is available close to you. It might even give rise to a brand-new undertaking! Here are 20 of our most inventive photography tips for both amateur and experienced photographers, along with images taken at actual Peerspace locations.

1. Self-Built Underwater Dwelling

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Want to take underwater pictures but don’t want to spend money on pricey or, worse yet, cheap housing that leaks? Simply put your smartphone in a cup made of clear plastic or glass and submerge it. For larger cameras, a vase or fish tank can be used. Get some pictures of your subject in the bathtub or pool by simply lowering the lens below the water’s surface. Take care not to spill the cup!

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2. Utilize Vaseline

This is a tried-and-true old trick! Early Hollywood film directors would apply Vaseline to their lens filters to create a dreamy appearance. By using this technique, you may give your subject a natural shine without overdoing the makeup. Vaseline should be applied on a piece of clear plastic or a filter rather than the lens itself.

3. Create Bokeh Forms

The Japanese word “bokeh” describes the blur in an image’s out-of-focus area. Cut out intriguing shapes like tiny circles or stars from a black poster board. Use the poster board to cover the lens and try out various focal lengths.

4. Create an Nd Filter on Your Own Using Welding Glass.

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Make your own neutral density (ND) filter using welding glass that you can find at any hardware shop rather than paying for a pricey ND filter from your camera store. Utilize this technique to produce black and white long-exposure photos. Lacking inspiration? Check out these fantastic ideas for black-and-white picture shoots!

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5. Make Use of A Stocking or Pantyhose Filter

Want to give your photographs a little color or diffusion? Put the lens over a nylon stocking you have in your hand. You may create your own DIY lens filter by securing it with a rubber band. Try something more vibrant or neutral like white stockings.