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Pinblock Net Worth 2022 – Check Who is The Founder Of Pinblock

There are no rigid building bricks with Pinblock, which allows for the creation of any type of plaything that a person desires.

A variety of colors and sizes are available in the block, which can be bent and manipulated to achieve desired forms and outcomes.

In order to push the creator’s ability to manufacture toys while still allowing for some degree of flexibility, it has been designed.


Vladislav Smolyanskyy established Pinblock in 2014. Mr. Smolyanskyy previously volunteered his time at Euromaidan New York as a member of the organizing team. When confrontations erupted in Kyiv, they and other like-minded individuals helped unite people of Ukrainian descent. Raindrop Media Management Inc. employs him as an architect and product design engineer.

Founder Story

Mr. Vladislav is dedicated to altering the world’s future by igniting the imaginations of children and young adults. When he moved from Ukraine to the United States, he became even more interested in business. Pinblock was developed by Vladislav and ShiJun, a childhood friend, and the two worked together to grow the company from the ground up before incorporating it in the state of New York, where it is now available for purchase. On the other hand, there were a plethora of obstacles to overcome.

Inventing Pinblock was Mr. Vladislav’s way of expressing his early inventiveness, he says. Pinblock’s goal is to make learning time and playing more enjoyable. He is also driven to achieve by the loss of his father at an early age, as well as by the desire to make his widowed mother proud. For youngsters whose parents prioritize schoolwork over playtime, he wants to rewrite the narrative in their minds.

Pinblock Net Worth

Up to 2021, Pinblock expects to earn a total net profit of $2 million.

What Happened to Pinblock after Shark Tank?

In exchange for his $100,000 investment, Kevin O’ Leary received a stake in the Pinblock company worth 50% of the company.

They come in a variety of colors and cost about $40 per box of 1000 pieces, depending on the color theme. In a pack of 100, each color costs about $4.

Vladimir’s goal was to build a toy that was both mentally stimulating and flexible. The company has thus far made a decent amount of money.

In 2021, Pinblock’s annual sales will be $2 million, thanks to the company’s ongoing expansion.

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