I'm someones child,' Pritty Vishy tearfully asks trolls to back off

Pritty Vishy Sobs and Begs the Trolls to Stop, “I’m Someone’s Child.”

Even tough cookies must eventually crumble, I suppose.

Purity Vishenwa, also known as Pritty Vishy, is a well-known content creator. Although she is a tough cookie, it appears that she has had enough of attempting to maintain a thick skin and battling online trolls.

In a video that she posted online, Vishy implored people to stop body-shaming and harassing her while breaking down in tears.

The 21-year-old has received a variety of slurs, including the term “Kuku kienyeji,” which translates to “traditional chicken.” In an apparent effort to prove to her bullies that she is unafraid of them, she seems to have accepted this name.

In an interview last year, Vishy, who once went by the name “Kienyeji Pro Max,” remarked, “People used to call me kienyeji, and I was like if you consider me as one then let me be kienyeji pro max.”

The late Hon. Mwai Kibaki’s smile is reflected in hers, contrary to what internet users have said. Because of the similarity, some people decide that’s her new name.

Vishy, who was visibly upset, pleaded with internet users to stop calling her these offensive names and making fun of her in the video that was shared online.

“Do you think I asked God to make me this way? No. I didn’t want to look like Beyonce and Nicki Minaj if I had the option to select how I would be born “Commented the content producer.

In order to harass her, she continued, people ought to cease holding out for her to upload images and videos.

She sobbed and told online users that she is someone’s child and that her mother would be pained and saddened if she saw them body-shaming her.

Additionally, she said that whenever she is by herself, she feels worthless and like other girls, which makes her miserable.

Some trolls would not stop mocking her despite her cries and pleadings; they would visit her page and continue to call her offensive names and inquire as to why the young content producer wanted fame in the first place.

I’ll also add that she needs to handle her predicament.

Although it was quite sad, there was a segment that urged her to keep trying and to learn to ignore the hate; if only it were that simple.

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