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Razer Keyboard: Best Razer Keyboards of 2022 the Best Gaming Keyboards from The Company

The greatest Razer keyboards incorporate this traditional design with a strong feature set, sometimes one of a kind. Anyone running a full Chroma setup or looking for a luxurious deck that will last should definitely check out what the snakes have to offer, even though they can cost a little more than their rivals.

Razer keyboards are available in a variety of styles, including decks with little decoration and full-sized control panels. Here, we’ve compiled a list of all our top picks, rating each plank according to its performance and value across the board.

There are numerous reasons why Razer keyboards are frequently regarded as some of the best gaming keyboards. With superb reaction and a premium feel, these decks come in a variety of styles, designs, and mechanisms. Even more affordable membrane decks are renowned for their dependability and value for money, providing novices and setup builders on a budget with a set of keys that seem opulent without breaking the bank.

We’ve examined some of the greatest Razer keyboards available, and we’ve compiled our favourites right here. In addition to the very best of the best, we have also highlighted our favourites in every price level.

The Greatest Gaming Keyboards from Razer

Analog Razer Huntsman V2

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The Razer Huntsman V2 Analog’s keys are made to resemble controller thumbsticks. In essence, each key has a variable actuation point, allowing you to press a key with varying amounts of pressure to get a distinct reaction from the keyboard. This is a discovery in our books since it enables us to press a key more firmly to move more quickly or precisely.

In our tests, this clever little addition made Watch Dogs: Legion and Elite: Dangerous play much more smoothly. With the use of that variable actuation rate, we were quietly modifying our flight patterns as we cruised around asteroids. Once we got it set up, it was really game-changing. The switches need to be adjusted a lot before they can function to their maximum capability.

For instance, while mapping thumbstick controls to WASD in several games, the game assumed we were using a complete controller. That indicated that some commands were automatically being assigned to inactive trigger buttons. Naturally, this was resolved by returning to the Synapse programme, but it’s important to note that this is not a plug-and-play situation.

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Cynosa V2 by Razer

razer keyboardIt’s difficult to find a Razer keyboard that feels excellent in your hands without breaking the budget, but the Razer Cynosa V2 manages it. It’s not only one of the most cost-effective decks from the company, but it’s also among the least expensive models on the market that are worth using. Although it has an MSRP of $59.99 or £59.99, we frequently see this model for much less than that.

The Cynosa manages to integrate these rubber dome switches in a way that still feels tactile and responsive, despite the fact that they are somewhat less expensive by nature. Additionally, you are maintaining the silent typing experience of a non-mechanical deck. However, it should be noted that during our testing, we did encounter a few squeaky keys. The odd ting noise, while by no means a deal-breaker and by no means a constant sound, can grow grating if it persists.

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Black Widow Elite by Razer

razer keyboardFor many years, Blackwidow keyboards have dominated the mechanical keyboard market, and the most recent Elite version looks like it will continue that trend. The Razer BlackWidow Elite appears to address some of the line’s early issues with a bevvy of clever features and a more streamlined appearance than we’ve seen in prior Blackwidow models.

There is more than enough functionality in this package to make up for the loss of dedicated macro keys, including Razer Hypershift, an additional layer of programmability accessed through a modifier key. The BlackWidow Elite has a high-profile design and is taller than previous Razer decks, which we found to be a drawback during longer testing sessions. The concave keycaps, though, kept us in order.

Those keycaps are also exerting a lot of effort. Our testing unit’s clicky green switches were highly sensitive, which was helpful for twitch reflex maneuvers. However, we did discover that we made a few errors with unintended keypresses. Therefore, if you want even more precision, we suggest looking at the orange switches.


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