Home Technology Receiptify: How To Make Your Own Spotify Receipt for The Songs You Love

Receiptify: How To Make Your Own Spotify Receipt for The Songs You Love

Receiptify: How To Make Your Own Spotify Receipt for The Songs You Love

Users may present their taste in music in an unconventional way with Receiptify by scanning their top tracks and formatting them in a receipt-style screenshot.

The software, which is becoming more and more popular on social media, can assist you in taking a snapshot of your musical preferences at a particular time.

Each month, users share their most streamed tracks with their followers as part of Instagram stories.

You can obtain your own song receipt in this manner.

Describe Receiptify.


Heroku app is the host of the Receiptify app.

It scans your Spotify playlists and top songs, just like previous top track-generating apps, to produce a shop-style receipt listing your most-played tunes in order of frequency.

The screenshots are simple to publish on social media and reveal your musical preferences to your followers.

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How Does Receiptify Work?

You may easily access the app at receiptify.herokuapp.com.

You’ll be asked to log into your music streaming account as soon as you reach the home page. To allow the app to check your listening history, you must log in.

The app will create a stylized list of your top 10 most-played songs after you log in and after it has finished the necessary processing.

Additionally, the receipt includes more information, such as the cumulative listen time of your top 10 songs, and more individualized information, like your name and the date you made the receipt.

If I Have Apple Music, Can I Still Utilise Receiptify?

Yes, the app will function even if you simply have an Apple Music account. To properly log in, you must click the Apple Music link on the home page.

Users of last.FM can also get their receipt by clicking the last.FM link and using the service.

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What Time Frame Is Available on Receiptify?


You can pick whether your top tracks from the last month, the last six months, or all time are displayed on your receipt using the app.

You can get a separate receipt for each choice by clicking through that will list the most popular music on your account during that time.

With the help of this function, you may assess how your listening preferences have changed over time.

How Can I Post a Copy of My Receipt to Social Media?

There will be a “download image” button underneath your receipt after it has been made.

By tapping here, you can save your photo to your phone or take a screenshot of the current receipt.

In the same way, you would share a regular picture, you can then publish your receipt on social media websites like Twitter, Instagram, and Facebook.

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Who Is the Maker of Receiptify?

Michelle Liu, a student, developed the app and released Receiptify as a part of a school assignment.

According to Liu’s statement on the Receiptify website, the Instagram account Album Receipts, which converts album track listings into the standard receipt format, served as the app’s inspiration.