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Restaurant Personnel Allege Kylie Jenner Left a Little Tip for A $500 Supper, Which Has Sparked Outrage!

It’s always exciting to hear about celebrity interactions.

They may not be totally revealing (what if someone is having a bad day or simply going through a difficult time?) They frequently provide insight into the true nature of a well-known individual behind the scenes.

Whether they’re polite to “regular” people, whether they treat their group with respect if they’re a lousy tipper…

And it is the latter charge that has just been levelled against reality television personality and cosmetics magnate Kylie Jenner.

Former hostess Julia Carol Ann decided to talk about the famous people she had met while working in a “fancy Manhattan restaurant” in a film that was released in July 2020.

Julia emphasised an unfavourable encounter with the youngest Jenner sibling in a TikTok rating of celebrities that also featured Hailey Bieber and the Hadid sisters.

It turns out that Kylie Jenner is surprisingly frugal for such a wealthy individual.

She was alright, but she left a $20 tip on a $500 meal tab, according to Julia.

Use that information however you like.

As a result, she gave Kylie a “2/10” customer rating.

In America, diners are expected to leave tips that range from 15% to 20%. which was approximately $100 on Kylie’s check.

She apparently received only 4% of the total tip instead.

Hailey Bieber had a “3.5/10” in Julia’s evaluations for not being “kind” during multiple contacts Julia had with her.

The Hadid sisters, on the other hand, received top scores since they were “very nice and friendly with workers.”

Julia also gave Kendall Jenner a bad grade in the second instalment of her TikTok tea-spilling.

She received a “4” because she was “very cold” to the workers and used a “speaker.”

Beyoncé, meanwhile, received a “1000000/10” for her extraordinary decorum.

People, manners are free!

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