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Rick Harrison Net Worth – Check How Much Pawn Stars Earn

If you don’t believe that Pawn Stars really exists, you’re missing out on a fantastic reality show! The show has been a huge hit since its debut in 2009. Pawn Stars focuses on a Las Vegas-area pawnshop owned and operated by a family.

Everything that goes on between consumers and the bizarre items they’re trying to sell is caught on camera. Having owned a pawn shop for three generations, the Harrison family knows exactly what to look for when determining the true value of an object. Rick Harrison owns a pawn shop and has the fortune to show for it. What you need to know is here.


What is Rick Harrison’s Net Worth in 2022

Rick Harrison has clearly benefited monetarily greatly from his operation of a successful pawn store. As a successful businessman and star of a popular reality television show, he has earned a lot of money over the years. Celebrity Net Worth estimates his fortune at $9 million. Having a pawn shop as a background for his industry’s zany activities and silly mishaps is a great way to entertain customers.

With the help of his father, Rick decided to open the Gold & Silver Pawn Shop near the Las Vegas Strip. This was one of the best business decisions of all time. When it comes to sports memorabilia, this shop is known for offering only the most unusual items on the market, making it a popular destination for sports fans. The pawn shop is a shelter for those in need of quick cash in Las Vegas because of the city’s reputation as a gambling hotspot.

Rick tried for four years to get a reality TV show picked up by HBO or YouTube, according to Celebrity Net Worth. The History Channel secured the rights to the show, and it’s currently one of their highest-rated programs ever on the network’s schedule. Rick’s real estate judgments are also amazing because of the show’s huge popularity.

Earlier this year, he fetched $3.99 million for his suburban Las Vegas property in Summerlin, which he had owned since 2003. A brand-new property in the country club-style had cost him $600,000 to renovate before it was re-listed for sale in order to recoup his investment.

Is there anything you can tell us about Rick Harrison’s life before he amassed a fortune of $9 million?

A native of California, Rick was reared in North Carolina from the age of six. In 1981, Rick and his family moved to Las Vegas. Since then, he’s been living in Sin City. Kim, Rick’s then 17-year-old girlfriend, was pregnant while he was still in high school. Although she miscarried, they chose to be married and keep trying to start a family despite the setback.

They had two children before deciding to call it quits. Nine months after he divorced Tracy, Rick married a new woman, but the marriage didn’t work out as well either. In 2013, he married a third time to Deanna Burditt, with whom he divorced in 2020.

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