LOOK: Rita Daniela pregnant with first child

Rita Daniela Is Expecting Her First Child!

Rita Daniela will soon become a mother as she revealed during the GMA variety show “All-Out Sundays” that she is expecting her first child.

Following her appearance in the aforementioned program, the actress-singer made her pregnancy public, as seen on the GMA Network YouTube page. Daniela not only made the announcement, but she also thanked the network for their assistance.

She gushed, “I’m really delighted and proud to say that I’m going to be a mother soon.” “Wala naman po ako planong ito ilihim. I’m still trying to share my new blessing in my life and to ghana ng Tamang oras for advice.

(I didn’t have any intentions of concealing my pregnancy. The ideal moment to share the new blessing in my life was all I was seeking.)

The sonogram of her unborn child and Daniela’s growing belly were both shared today via her Instagram feed.

Your arrival was timely, my child. The best gift from God to me is you. I have more dreams that I can make come true because of you,” she said. “I will do every action that will benefit you the most. Always.”

Anak, I’m very excited to meet you (my child). She said, “This early, I already love you so much.

Though the actress didn’t mention him in her announcements, Daniela is said to have had a long-term, non-showbiz partner. Additionally, she recently co-starred alongside Ken Chan in the TV series “Ang Dalawang Ikaw.”

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