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Ryan Paevey of the Hallmark Channel: Who Is He? The “Two Tickets to Paradise” Star: 5 Things to Know!

A dude with numerous skills! Since 2015, Ryan Paevey has starred in Hallmark films, and his most recent film, Two Tickets to Paradise, is a romantic comedy fan won’t want to miss.

The 37-year-old actor was originally introduced to Hallmark Channel fans as Donovan Darcy in the Unleashing Mr. Darcy film series. Since then, he has appeared in a number of holiday movies for the network, but his passions came together in Two Tickets to Paradise, which will air on Saturday, June 25.

On the west side of the island, we were able to surf. We boarded a boat and traveled to this other location. During a June Q&A with his co-star Ashley Williams, Paevey recalled, “It was really enjoyable. I’ve always liked surfing because I learned to do it with my father when I was a child.

The Matching Hearts star was ecstatic with the experience after signing a multi-picture agreement with Crown Media Family Networks in May. I can’t believe this is my life right now, he recalled thinking. “I had to phone my dad,” Paevey continued. That was incredible. That was a lot of fun.

Who Is Hallmark Channel’s Ryan Paevey? 5 Things to Know About the ‘Two Tickets to Paradise’ Star

Josh Wyatt, played by Paevey, and Hannah Holt, played by Williams, are both abandoned at the altar in the summertime film, which is set in Hawaii. After meeting at the airport and deciding to go on their honeymoons together, the couple finds themselves falling in love with one another.

Williams stated in a behind-the-scenes interview published by Hallmark at the beginning of June that “Josh’s character has a true flair for adventure.” He is not in need of a stuntman. He performs the stunts. “I do all the surfing for Josh because I surf,” Paevey added. I enjoy surfing.

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The adventure-loving spirit of the A Timeless Christmas performer has long been a part of his life. In fact, he founded Fortunate Wanderer to let others know about his journeys, including those he took with Hallmark.

“I enjoy talking about my travels. In a September 2016 episode on Home & Family, Paevey revealed that his road journeys had given him a deep love of photography. He also mentioned that he crafts jewelry when traveling.

“I build something and I bring stuff with me. If I’m in a place where interesting objects are present, I gather them and bring them home. And I transform them into objects. “It began with the photography,” he said in conclusion. For the show, I perform a few events. Everything I create myself. I am the sole photographer.

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1. Where Does He Come From?

Who Is Hallmark Channel’s Ryan Paevey? 5 Things to Know About the ‘Two Tickets to Paradise’ Star

Southern California was Paevey’s home region. In September 2021, he confessed on Instagram when posting a picture of San Diego, “I used to skip class to surf here. :)”

2. Have You Seen Him Where?

Before making his feature film debut in 2012’s 4 Dead Girls: The Soul Taker, the actor participated in three music videos, including Christina Aguilera’s “Your Body.”

One year later, when he started portraying Nathan West on General Hospital, his career really took off. Since then, Paevey has made numerous appearances in Hallmark films, such as Harvest Love, A Summer Romance, and Coyote Creek Christmas.

3. What Does He Enjoy Doing?

The A Little Daytime Drama actor loves to go rock climbing and spend time in nature.

4. What Sort of A Designer Is He?

The Los Angeles-based outdoor adventure business, Fortunate Wanderer, which the California native founded in 2016 also produces and sells jewelry.

Paevey started Fortunate Wanderer as a method to use photography to record his travels, but it has since changed into a location where customers can buy his jewelry, much of which is made from silver that is found.

5. Is He an Instrumentalist?

In 2018, the designer learned to play the guitar. In December of that year, he admitted through Instagram, “OK, so I’m a super newb, and I’m trying to play very gently while I teach myself from scratch (so I don’t bother anybody’s ears)”. But I always wanted to learn, so I thought I’d try.

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