Seeking Sister Wife Season 3

Seeking Sister Wife Season 3: Ending Explanation

In the finale of Seeking Sister Wife, Colton acknowledged that he and Kimberley weren’t a good match. The Winders were grateful for what they had and looked forward to having a baby girl as the next stage of their life. Alexandra stopped by for a group date with the Joneses. It did not work out as she had planned, and she was not to blame. The Clarks have agreed to meet Christa and are arranging for her transport from Texas. Dimitri asked Ashley’s help in developing a magnificent garden vision for Chrissy. He’s asking for her hand in marriage, and she has agreed. She must now legally marry him in order to stay in the United States.

Finally, the Merrifields traveled to Mexico in order to begin their daughter’s birth. They rented a home and invited Dannielle’s parents and her two sons to join them. To put it another way, this should be an interesting tour.


Looking for a Sister Wife in Mexico – Roberta comes in.

The trip to Mexico is primarily for the purpose of having a child. COVID altered their plans to attend their wedding, which they had intended to do. Her parents have never met her in person. They’re still questionable about polygamy. It’s time to meet her in person, but she has no idea they’re coming. When the Merrifield’s haven’t seen Bert in eight months, Garrick informs them where to seek refuge.

The Merrifields and their children are overflowing with love and embraces when Bert enters the house. She is then brought to the kitchen, where Scott and Lu are waiting for her. They wrap their arms around her as she cries. They recognize it’s strange that she refers to them as “mom” and “dad,” but they consider her a lovely kid. Even though Mama Lu was concerned about Bert being pregnant, she felt a connection with him.

What if she gives birth in Brazil? However, she is determined to want to see the situation through. She just hopes Garrick has a plan because much of the information about the problem is unknown. Garrik’s greatest worry is that his in-laws may overhear them when they’re having a private moment. According to him, Logan will be nice, but Lu will not be so understanding. His response to the question, “What would you like to hear?” is to put music on. That’s why he has a plan.

Looking for a Sister Wife

The real wedding ceremony between Dimitri and Ashley is only a spiritual one, so he may lawfully marry Chrissy. In a prior episode, it was stated that paperwork had been submitted to protect Ashley and their three children if anything happened to him. On the day of their wedding, Dimitri proposed to Chrissy, and now the ceremony is upon us. They’re arranging flowers, some of which are South African in design.

While she is happy and in love, it’s difficult for Chrissy and her daughters to be away from South Africa for this long. Ashley is ecstatic to view the rings that Dimitri picked out for her. After they got engaged, he presented her with an anklet. He emphasizes that Vanessa’s wedding was very different.

The COVID 4 is now extremely tiny. They’re also performing their wedding for the first time, which is exciting since it’s a legal marriage. This time, Ashley is confident they’ve hit the mark. She immediately understands that Chrissy is the best fit for their family.

Wants a Sister Wife- Wedding Day

Chrissy hasn’t informed her family about her wedding since the ceremony isn’t until noon. On a daily basis, she interacts with them in their native language. She’s been quiet about it because she’s afraid they’ll say no. She is most afraid of her brother, and she does not want to be forced to choose between family and love. When she decides to do the video call with Dimitri, he asks if he can come on and get their agreement.

His sister is his rock, despite the fact that he was taken aback at the notion of a poly connection at first. He just wishes he could have been there to share the happiness. Everyone is getting ready for Chrissy’s first formal marriage. The officiant is a close friend of Dimitri’s, and he or she will need to sign a lot of documents. Ashley is ecstatic to be able to give Chrissy a special wedding present.

The first wedding, according to Dimitri, was a complete failure, but this time it will be different. Every day, he watches Chrissy pick them. On the special day, the groom inserts a fake engagement ring onto one of her toes and then exchanges wedding bands with her. Then, Ashley gives her a Bindi. She is the one who brought the family into existence, so Ashley started it and is now handing off the torch to her daughter. They declare their family is complete for the time being as they hug and say so.

Looking for a Sister Wife in Merrifield – Merrifield Family Bonding

The family is relaxing in the shade at the pool, with Dannielle chatting with her parents buy it. Garrick and Bert are bringing drinks to the group. Because the children are having a good time, they’re asking her questions. Will she be embarrassed if Bert becomes a father? She tries to keep the two apart in her mind. As the two waits for their drinks, Bert takes off her cover-up to expose a slinky bikini as they come bearing refreshments.

Dannielle follows quickly, albeit her outfit is a little more modest. His face had been as red as a beet. She’d just made a little jest about Garrick’s philandering another wife before he exploded. Garrick removes the babymaker, a tequila they tried on their most recent trip to Mexico. To the art of childbirth, he toasts with his glass in hand. Right. Scott thinks it’s indecent, and he’s correct.

Nellie presses on with her discussion. She asks about the progress of Bert and Garrick for this next stage. What if she is left stranded in Brazil? He believes that everything will work out in the end because he has faith in God. The following questions will be asked by Scott. Garrick merely informs them that they will continue to be a family. He tells his father that he hopes to be a good role model, while also getting the recognition that he deserves. He sees him progressing forward even though the consequences are severe, but he wants his mother to remember that Dannielle is why he gets to spend time with Bert.

I’m seeking a sister wife and creating a Merrifield baby.

When they wake up, Bert and Garrick sleep in the same bed. It’s been eight months since they were last intimate. They have attempted to get pregnant. He inquires about her preference for coffee or for another attempt, and she answers that he may get anything he want. Danielles mother and she are outside, attempting to make sense of the tragedy. BERT may not get his visa for a trip to America. Garrick, on the other hand, has taken a major stride toward improving his life with her.

Everyone has been having a wonderful time with Garrick as the days have gone by. They’ve been preparing and relaxing together as a family. [[He is learning how a poly family functions, which makes him very pleased.]] Now is the time for Scott to talk with his sister-in-law. He’d want to bring up Dannielle’s prior life as a reminder to Roberta of what she had to give up in order for her to join the family. Despite the fact that he and his family embraced polygamy, Garrick claims that Dannielle was always his main concern. He and Scott have grown closer as a result of this, and now Scott is ready to be completely honest with him.

When Roberta’s visa is rejected, he explores the prospect of a pregnancy. Garrick would be compelled to go, but Scott is worried for his daughter and grandkids. When Garrick brings up some Bible passages, he urges him to “grow a pair” and man up. There are several duties in Merrifield, Colorado, including a company. Garrick believes that the women will band together to help him. Scott, he believes, will see the error of his ways and turn back towards Garrick’s way of life.

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