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Stucor Technologies Private Limited is a non-governmental organization in India. It is a “corporation limited by shares” and is a private company.
The company’s authorized capital is Rs 10.0 lakhs, and its paid-up capital is Rs 10.0 lakhs or 100%.
STUCOR TECHNOLOGIES PRIVATE LIMITED is a Non-govt company that is registered with the Registrar of Companies in Chennai (RoC-Chennai). Both it’s paid-up capital and authorized share capital are INR 1,000,000. STUCOR TECHNOLOGIES PRIVATE LIMITED has the SIC code 80904 for its industry, and its directors are SHANMUGAM GANESH SHANKAR and RISHANTH. The contact information for the company is included in the contact section, and its current status is Active, according to government documents. To get in touch with this business, please use the form below or the contact area.

Stucor Technologies Private Limited

Is a mca provider company based on the National Industrial Classification (NIC) code of 80904 and it is engaged in business activities related to this industry code, including Activities of institutions like NIIT/APTEC, etc. imparting computer courses, Activities relating to training, and education, Activities relating to training/education/conduct of specialized course in computer knowledge,
NIIT/APTEC, among others, offers computer courses in JAVA, Oracle, and other programming languages. Short-term and long-term computer courses are also offered in these languages.
The primary line of business for Stucor Technologies Private Limited is Community, Personal, and Social Services, and the company is currently operating.
The Chennai (Tamil Nadu) Registrar Office is where the company is registered. The registered address of Stucor Technologies Private Limited is 24/17, EAST PATEL STREET KAMARAJ NAGAR, AVADI CHENNAI. Tamil Nadu’s 600071 in Chennai.

Information About Stucor Apk


The STUCOR app was created specifically for students to help them avoid rumors and receive immediate updates for all announcements and circulars.

What the Stucor App Offers:

  • NO AD
  • *Top UI
  • *Developed by the top programmers in the world
  • *Login for Students & Faculty:
  • Results for Anna University
  • Internal Marks at Anna University
  • University of Anna Notes & QP
  • Job Search for Students at AU
  • Anna University Evaluation Scores
  • *Anna University Notifications:
  • All circulars, notices, and other information will be immediately sent to students.
  • Timetable for Anna University
  • Directly download the examination schedule to your mobile device.
  • Events
  • Students are able to watch symposiums and workshops held at other colleges.
  • Anna University Course Catalog
  • Download the UG and PG syllabuses.
  • Commentary Function:
  • The post is open to student comments.
  • Facebook and email login

Students Can Open a Stucor Account on Their Own.

The STUCOR AU application is not the official Anna University application. For the Affiliated Colleges of Anna University, we offer here real-time, interesting updates. These specific details were gathered from official websites. These facts are not entirely authentic or conclusive. The STUCOR makes an effort to give factual updates in order to aid students and dispel rumors. For formal and affirmative updates, get in touch with your college administration or Anna University.

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