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The Last Kingdom Movie Release Date, Cast, Plot – Check Everything

The Last Kingdom Movie Release Date, Cast, Plot – Check Everything

After a long and winding journey, the final season of The Last Kingdom is now available on Netflix, bringing the long and winding saga to a finish in a satisfying manner. Uhtred (Alexander Dreymon) is finally able to take a break after five seasons of struggling to unite England. Despite the fact that season 5 is the final season of The Last Kingdom, it is not the final season of the television show. Seven Kings Must Die, a standalone sequel to Netflix’s Saxon Stories, will explore at least part of the events that occurred after the show’s conclusion in the book series. So if you’re already feeling the effects of Last Kingdom withdrawal, you’ll be able to acquire another dose of it at some point in the near future.’

Filming on Seven Kings Must Die began on January 31st, as confirmed by Dreymon, who seized control of the official Twitter account for the show. His latest post on social media is to inform fans that filming for the sequel is complete. A two-month turnaround may seem quick, but The Last Kingdom is a well-oiled machine by this time.

Who’s is the creator of Seven Kings Must Die?

A clapper has revealed that British director Ed Bazalgette would direct the film. Bazalgette has directed episodes of The Last Kingdom in seasons 3 and 4. (he served as an executive producer for the fourth season too).

Ed Bazalgette

The Witcher, Poldark, Doctor Who, and Versailles are among Bazalgette’s previous credits, in addition to The Last Kingdom.

What is the storyline of Seven Kings Must Die?

So far, a plot summary for Seven Kings Must Die has not been made public, however, we can assume the following:

Uhtred, after retaking Bebbanburg, made a commitment to keep the peace between King Constantin of Alba and King Edward of Wessex in order for Uhtred to keep the peace. A separate Bebbanburg, on the other hand, means Edward’s ambition of a unified England is still in danger. Does this mean that a future monarch from the Wessex line will go back on his word and betray Uhtred? Bebbanburg is the last place Uhtred wants to be, but fate has other plans, and he’ll once again be at the center of creating England’s future.

Seven Kings Must Die has an all-star cast that you may be wondering about

Alexander Dreymon’s role as Uhtred of Bebbanburg will be reprised in the film Seven Kings Must Die, it was announced in the press release. Multiple characters from the program will reprise their roles, as well as a few new faces that have yet to be disclosed.

We expect to see the following cast members to return:

Uhtred – Alexander Dreymon
Young Uhtred – Finn Elliot
Stiorra – Ruby Hartley
Osbert – Olly Rhodes
King Edward – Timothy Innes
King Constantin – Rod Hallett
Eadgifu – Sonya Cassidy
Aethelstan – Harry Gilby
Aelfweard – Ewan Horrocks
Finan – Mark Rowley
Sihtric – Arnas Fedaravicius
Father Pyrlig – Cavan Clerkin
Aelswith – Eliza Butterworth
Aelfwynn – Phia Saban
Lady Eadith – Stefanie Martini
Abbess Hild – Eva Birthistle
Father Benedict – Patrick Robinson
Cynlaef – Ryan Quarmby

How long is the movie?

An unexpected 120-minute runtime has been disclosed well in advance of the film’s release.

What is the production status of Seven Kings Must Die?

Seven Kings Must Die is presently being filmed in Hungary, according to a tweet from The Last Kingdom’s official Twitter account around the end of January 2022.

Afterward, the shoot lasted for three months before coming to an end on March 19th, 2022. Season 1 of the show and the movie were shot over a span of 663 days.

When is the Netflix release date for Seven Kings Must Die?

Seven Kings Must Die may not premiere on Netflix in 2022 because of production presently taking place in Hungary. Seven Kings Must Die’s release date has yet to be confirmed, however, we do know that it will be out sometime in 2023.

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