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The Masked Singer Season 6: Everything About All Episode

The Masked Singer is back for Season 6! We are so excited to see who will be the next singer unmasked. Will it be a male or female? What genre of music will they sing? Who knows, but we can’t wait to find out! Tune in every Thursday at 8/7c on FOX and find out which celebrity has been singing behind the mask this whole time. You won’t want to miss any of the action as we get closer and closer to finding out who is under that mask! Click here now for updates about The Masked Singer Season 6.

It was finally time for Group B to select a winner after months of unpredictable and strange acts on The Masked Singer. The loser of the Group A match on December 15, when Bull faces the winner of Group B, will play for the Season 6 Golden Mask against Banana Split or Queen of Hearts, whichever team wins the Group B Finale on Wednesday. So, just one week before the season finale, was Banana Split or Queen of Hearts revealed?

Season 6, Episode 12 of The Masked Singer aired on Wednesday, December 8 at 8-00 p.m. ET/PT, and we’ve got you covered below with our minute-by-minute recap of the episode. Tell us about your favorite Fox reality program characters and who you think has what it takes to win the challenge in the comments below.

Season 6 Episode 12 of the Masked Singer, Recap

The Masked Singer Season 6

00 PM. Here is what Banana Split has to say in their clue package, according to their social media posts- It’s nearly hard not to hear what others have to say about you. It’s all around us, in every aspect of our lives. Throughout this claim, we see a drive-in movie theater. Banana is notorious for his egotism. He appears to be egotistical, as though he were obsessed with fame. Although Ice Cream isn’t considered to be exceptionally beautiful, she is at the very least attractive.

In the final episode, Banana Split performs Arthur Freed’s Singin in the Rain. Banana choreographs us into listening to Ice Cream, which serenades us as Banana plays the conductor. She has a beautiful voice, and this is a really dramatic performance, but I’m not sure it has the punch it needs to win. Ice Cream does a trick, but just as I was finishing up my sentence, she raises the game and starts tap dancing!

Nicole says that Ice Cream’s voice sounds like a vinyl record every week. One of Ken’s favorite characters in the history of the Masked Singer is the Banana. Nick will have t-shirts on sale during the panel tonight with one-word hints about how each actor is connected to one of the other contestants.

The second-largest card in the deck, Queen of Hearts, follows. She had a strong desire to be a member of a community all her life. She found it in odd and unusual locations. She did, however, live in an uncivilized manner for a time. We encounter Queen of Hearts in the woods, where she expresses her primary worries about where she might get food and find safety. She was walking down the street one day when she discovered she didn’t have any hope left.

Tonight, the Queen of Hearts is performing Sia’s Bird Set Free. It’s such an unusual, wonderfully strange song choice that she’s killing the vocals. Nicole’s lungs are on fire. The audience liked it a lot. Hooray for the queen! Nicole cries out. It’s one of her all-time favorite appearances on the show. Ken is grateful for the chance to be in her company.

Roberta says that her first love was a tennis player, and she grew up in the San Fernando Valley. Banana tells us that he’s had his fair share of success within four walls, and now he wants to break out. This has been a fantastic experience. In her conversation with ING, Elizabeth exclaims that she’s “in touch with my inner child and feeling really playful” due to the reality of being an ice cream performer. Ice Cream claims that as each performance progresses, her mind wanders and she considers new ways to be more creative. In the world of blogging, we are living in a period when creativity is at an all-time high. She discovered that she likes to be ridiculous. Banana is frequently taken aback by an enthusiastic audience, which may perhaps explain why he has had such a lengthy career. According to him, Ice Cream did all of the work on stage.

Banana Split is currently collaborating with Robin on Stevie Wonder’s Don’t You Worry About a Thing. This lively, feel-good tune has Robin’s voice melding nicely with Ice Cream’s. It’s a little strange, though, because Robin is still behind the panelist desk.

Queen of Hearts is ecstatic that she accepted to join in the trip. She’s been known to turn down large opportunities with hefty price tags, so the fact that she accepted may surprise some people. Her name, on the other hand, is discussed all too often. She isn’t one to brag about herself, but she is proud of what she’s been able to achieve here. It has helped her realize that she must keep pushing forward. In the big finale, she has only one more performance to go before she meets the Bull.

Now, Queen of Hearts has collaborated with Nicole on Aerosmith’s Dream On. What a fantastic mix of music! The members of the band are screaming out a hard rock song at the top of their lungs, and I’m relieved to see Nicole isn’t behind her desk, even if she isn’t on stage with Queen of Hearts. Jenny is pleasantly surprised, stating her pleasure at being a part of the program.

Everything We Know So Far

It’s time to find out who won Group B. The audience and judges have made their selections. The Group B winner is Queen of Hearts! That implies that Banana Split will expose his true identity. However, beginning with their first impressions, the panel must then make their final judgment. The other lady and I assumed they were in love, but then there was this Robin guy. Now he believes it’s Ryan Tedder and Leona Lewis. Ken was drawn to Katharine McPhee and David Foster from the get-go, and he’s sticking to his guns! Her first thoughts of David Foster and Katharine McPhee were her initial impressions. This woman isn’t going to change her mind! Nicole’s first impressions of Katharine McPhee and Brian McKnight! Wow! From the start, this combination was well-known!

Banana Split finally dons their disguises, revealing David Foster and Katharine McPhee. While they were a great couple while on the show, Queen of Hearts will face Bull next week to finally establish the Season 6 champion.

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