The Voice 2021 Judges Salary Revealed

The Voice 2021 Judges Salary Revealed

The Voice has been a rating juggernaut for NBC, and the show’s judges have become household names. But how much do they make? We’ve got the scoop on who makes what form this year’s judging panel. And we’re not just talking about Adam Levine and Blake Shelton. There are four other people who get paid to judge too! Click here to find out more!

The Voice has had a slew of coaches since its debut in 2011, ranging from country artists like Blake Shelton to pop stars such as Nick Ariana Grande, from Kelly Clarkson to John Legend, and every coach on The Voice has made an impact in their field. The cash each coach makes per season on NBC isn’t the same for every player or every mentor. Many people believe that Shelton makes the most money because he has spent so much time on The Voice (19 seasons and counting). However, this does not imply that the other coaches are underpaid.

How Much Do The Voice 2021 Judges Make In Prize Money?

Various reports about the supposed pay of the four celebrities have circulated over the years, and now you can learn about them all in one spot. How do you ask? we’ll tell you.

Blake Shelton

After serving as a coach singer season since the show debuted in 2011, Honeybee has developed a reputation for the franchise. Blake has made history six times, winning the Race on all seven occasions. His $13 million annual salaries is proof of his achievements. The show followed Gwen Stefani and Blake’s wife, Gwen, who attended the program numerous times. Blake was given additional money to depict his love life on film as a result of Gwen’s attendance. For his time on The Voice, which is broadcast twice a year, Blake earns about $26 million each year.

Kelly Clarkson

The show’s newest coach, Kelly Clarkson, pulls in $14 million per season, which may surprise some fans. The sum is said to be greater than what Shelton makes in a single season of the program.

She has eight solo albums to her name, and she and musician Jake Hoot were the most recent winners of The Voice Australia. The fact that she is the host of her own highly regarded talk show explains a lot about her high compensation.

John Legend

For the past three years, Legend has been a prominent player in the series and has won one season. The same amount is expected to be earned each year by both the series and its host, although the latter may earn far more in a single episode.

Given his status as a music legend and the several honors he has received, this is perfectly deserved. He’s the first EGOT winner to take on a mentoring role on the program.

Ariana Grande

In March 2021, Ariana Grande announced that she would be returning as a judge on The Voice for season 21.

According to a UK magazine, the 7 rings singer makes at least $20 million for her first season, making her the highest-paid judge ever. According to OK! s source, Ariana will receive between $20 million and $25 million to be on the program, which is comparable to Kelly Clarkson’s enormous $15 million contract when she signed up.

The Season 1 cast included Little Big Town, Stevie Wonder, and Usher. Under the mentorship of Cee Lo Green and Adam Levine in 2011, the show debuted. She was earning approximately $17 million per season, according to reports.

She was forced to take a pay cut after taking time off to work on her album and tour in season four, and she had to return in season five. After leaving the program, Aguilera announced that she would focus on her music.


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