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Tiktok Life Hacks: Tik Tok Life Hacks You Never Knew You Needed

Tiktok Life Hacks: Tik Tok Life Hacks You Never Knew You Needed
TikTok turns out to be more than just dance videos. When it comes to this website, the phrase “something for anybody” really fits. It offers anything from food hacks to useful life advice and even therapy guidance. While we’re at it, here are eleven other culinary hacks that will help you enhance your cooking and save you time. You’re probably most familiar with the Dalgona whipped coffee fad and the pancake cereal hack.

Sweet Potato Breakfast Buns Seasoned

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This frozen sweet potato method may have appeared on Instagram. Chef Lucas Sin made this dish popular by using it to mimic typical Chinese street cuisine. This TikToker gives it her own spin by using them as the foundation for breakfast buns before sprinkling it with a spicy mixture of red pepper flakes, cumin seeds, and mustard seeds.

Organic Cereal

I’m not sure if this qualifies as a hack exactly, but it deserves to be mentioned. The original inventor of “nature’s cereal,” Sherwayne Mears, has long utilized his platform to spread his enthusiasm for plants and fruits. Long story short, Lizzo tried the dish when he made the video, and it quickly became popular. Milk was substituted with coconut water, and fruit (specifically a combination of pomegranate seeds, blackberries, and blueberries) took the place of cereal. If you’re seeking for natural sugars, you should absolutely give this a try even though customer reviews have been hit or miss.

Gyoza Goes Viral in Japan

This hack clings to the fundamentals of gyoza with a twist: wrapper, shiso leaf, and thinly sliced pork belly. It is a recipe that became popular in Japan due to its practicality. Before steaming it in a skillet for a crispy bottom, fold it in like you would an enchilada as opposed to wrapping it as usual.

Tomato Wrap

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When a quesadilla is folded in half, you get this hack. This variation enables you to obtain topping and components in every single mouthful, similar to a sandwich riff. Here, you have a complete creative license because we’ve seen variants featuring japchae, galbi, and even indomie.

Scallion Pancakes that Are Untrue

This one is quite clever. Use dumpling wrappers as the dough to make scallion pancakes quickly and easily. So you won’t have to start from scratch, and if you have some remaining, you can use them to make dumplings another day.

Removal of Laundry

Laundry stripping was a method of material cleaning used before TikTok. However, the laundry trick became more well-known on the platform in the latter half of 2020 when several videos demonstrating it went viral.
You should fill your bathtub with hot water and a few different products before adding bed sheets, towels, or other related items, according to mack42k’s process. After then, let it sit for a few hours while occasionally stirring it.
Despite its widespread use, it’s crucial to note that experts advise against routinely doing laundry in hot water because the heat can damage clothing.

Pasta Draining

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You might think that straining spaghetti is so simple that you wouldn’t need a hack, but some TikTok users were shocked to realize that they might have unintentionally made the process harder for themselves.
After showcasing a better method for draining spaghetti, some TikTok creators received hundreds of thousands of likes. Instead of just putting your pasta into the sieve, try placing the strainer inside your pot and carefully tipping the entire pan over the sink.
Because you won’t have to bother about transferring your spaghetti back over again, the process is greatly improved. Make sure your strainer and saucepan fit together tightly before attempting this hack as they can be dangerous.