Who Is Tom Zanetti Dating? Know About British DJ’s Dating And Love Life

Who Is Tom Zanetti Dating?

Yazmin Oukhellou had a streak of dates with Celebs Go Dating star Tom Zanetti

Celebrities TOWIE actress Yazmin Oukhellou is being courted by Tom Zanetti, star of the reality dating show Go Dating.

Friends close to the relationship say Tom, 32, is eager to move things further with the stunning reality star after a few low-key outings.

Yazmin hasn’t been dating anyone since she and ex-convict Jake McLean called it quits earlier this year.

“Tom has made it no secret that he fancies Yazmin and would love to make things official,” a source revealed.

Who Is Tom Zanetti Dating

“They’ve been out on dates and are getting to know one another a little better. Despite its youth, it’s already garnering attention in Essex and the reality television industry as an entire.

When it comes to their relationship, Yazmin is highly focused on her work, so for the time being, she refuses to accept it.

Tom is determined to make things right. Yazmin isn’t simply driven and extroverted; she’s also incredibly beautiful.

Who Is Tom Zanetti Dating

He’s doing everything he can to win her heart and win her heart over to him.

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While on Celebs Go Dating earlier this year, Tom (who is also a DJ) was looking for love and ended up meeting the actress Sophie Hermann, who was on the show Made in Chelsea.

They didn’t have to wait long after they were officially married to decide to call it quits because they couldn’t spend enough quality time together anymore.

“We had a lovely time getting to know each other and making memories for life,” stated Gentleman Tom at the time.

We couldn’t make a long-term commitment because our lifestyles are so distinct.

Before meeting Jake, Yazmin was long-term partnered with Towie co-star James Lock.

A few months earlier, Yazmin explained that she and James had split up because they weren’t a fit match.

The end effect of this was my suggestion to James, who agreed, that we discontinue this.

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Tom Zanetti Dating FAQ

Is Tom Zanetti in a relationship?

With Sophie in Chelsea and Tom in Manchester during the height of the UK lockdown, it didn’t go over well with fans. With their V Day slip-up quickly forgotten, it wasn’t long before Sophie revealed their relationship genuine during a Q&A with fellow CGD sign-up Chloe Ferry.

Is Tom Zanetti and Sophie Hermann still together?

Tom Zanetti, of Made in Chelsea, has revealed that he and Sophie Hermann are no longer together. The DJ has told the new! magazine that he and Sophie, who met when they were both taking part in the reality show Celebs Go Dating: The Mansion, have separated after six months together. “We have gone our separate ways, yes.

Are Arabella and Tom Zanetti together?

When asked if she was dating Tom, 32, Arabella said: “We did a shoot together, but we’re just good friends! People have assumed more than it is. I’m a single woman for the first time in my life, and I’m discovering who I am and what I want in a man.