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TWIC Card Status: Types of TWIC Card Status and What They Mean


The Maritime Transportation Security Act mandates the Transportation Worker Identification Credential, generally known as TWIC®, for employees who need access to secure sections of the nation’s maritime facilities or vessels or for anybody else who needs a TWIC®. To ascertain a person’s eligibility, TSA performs a security threat assessment (background check) and grants the credential.

The credential is open to both U.S. citizens and non-citizens who fall into specific immigrant and non-immigrant categories. Most mariners who hold a U.S. Coast Guard license need a credential as well. Please get in touch with the U.S. Coast Guard for information on card usage and facility access requirements. Study up on TWIC®.

Who Can Receive a Twic Card?

twic card status

If you need entry to a marine vessel or secure area, the TSA will issue you a TWIC card. A transportation worker identification card, however, is only available to a select group of maritime transportation employees.

These employees include naming a few, truck drivers, port employees, mechanics, nuclear contractors, and administrators.

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Gaining Access to A Twic Card

It’s not too difficult to obtain your identification card as a transportation worker. For a TWIC card, the application procedure and waiting period don’t take very long.

Once you have your card in your possession, you can begin applying for employment that does.


twic card status

There aren’t many eligibility requirements for TWIC candidates, however, the requirements are detailed. You will be required to complete an application and submit to a threat assessment and background check.

The authorities will also need to verify your residency or immigration status. Only those possessing the aforementioned citizenships are qualified to obtain a TWIC card:

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US National

  • A legitimate permanent resident
  • Native-born person
  • A legitimate nonimmigrant alien, a refugee, or an asylee

Your criminal history check must be unblemished in addition to you having legal citizenship.

You might not be granted your credential if the TSA discovers any criminal crimes or other exclusionary circumstances. Crimes including espionage, sedition, treason, and terrorism are among the disqualifying offenses and circumstances.

But if you satisfy the aforementioned conditions and pass your background investigation, your certificate ought to be issued right away.


twic card status

Two stages are necessary for the TWIC application. You must first complete the normal application.

The next step is to visit a TWIC enrollment facility where you must present the required paperwork and meet with a staff member to complete your application.

You can pre-enroll by submitting your application online to hasten the application process. To complete the procedure, just schedule an appointment at an application facility.

The Department of Homeland Security’s website includes a list of all TWIC enrollment locations.

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How to Check the Status of Your TWIC Card

After submitting your TWIC card application, you should keep checking on its progress on a regular basis.

You can be informed of potential concerns, such as missing data or delivery problems, by monitoring the status of your card.

A few easy actions will allow you to verify the status of your TWIC application.

1. Visit the status page for Universal Enrollment Services.

2. Type in the necessary data, including name, birth date, and contact details.

3. Press the “Next” key.

4. If prompted, complete any required information on the following page.

You’ll receive notification of the status of your application once you’ve submitted your information.