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Umbrella Academy Season 3 Episode 1

Umbrella Academy Season 3 Episode 1

The third season of The Umbrella Academy is nearing completion.

Showrunner Steve Blackman announced at SXSW that the third season of the popular superhero drama will air on Netflix on June 22.

Additionally, Blackman revealed the season’s release date and unveiled a teaser trailer for what’s to come in the show’s third season.

There is a 17-second teaser trailer that includes some of the beloved characters from the Umbrella Academy as they prepare to confront the newcomers at Sparrow Academy in the first episode.

If you’re hoping for more surprises and fight sequences in the third season of The Umbrella Academy, Ritu Arya has your “fingers crossed.”

It gets louder and louder as the credits roll, and white writing that reads “The Sparrows Have Landed” appears on the screen.

Umbrella Academy Season 3 Episode 1

Emmy Raver-Lampman, Ritu Arya, Colm Feore, Justin Cornwell, Britne Oldford, Genesis Rodriguez, Jake Epstein, Cazzie David, and Javon “Wanna” Walton will also appear in Season 3 of the HBO series.

In a press statement on Saturday, Netflix confirmed that season 3 will center on tensions between the Umbrella Academy and the other academies after the Umbrella Academy believes it has stopped the 1963 end of the world.

“The Sparrow Academy is open to new students. After a ferocious showdown between the Sparrows and the Umbrellas, everyone’s attention quickly shifts to a more pressing matter: the fate of humanity “Reads a logline. “All they have to do now is convince Dad’s new family, who may be better, to help them fix what their arrival caused to go awry. To return to their pre-doomsday existence, will they? A blip in the timeline, perhaps, or something more sinister?”

Author Gerard Way (of My Chemical Romance) and illustrator Gabriel Bá (of Daytripper) are co-executive producers of The Umbrella Academy, which is based on their comic book of the same name (Jeff F. King, Mike Richardson, Keith Goldberg, and Jesse McKeown are also executive producers on the project).

In November 2020, Netflix announced that it had ordered a third season of the show. Season 3 of the Netflix series scored as the third most-watched series in its debut week, according to Nielsen data, just a few months after the season 2 premiere.