Migos member Quavo is set to guest star on Fox’s musical drama Star, but ahead of his April 11 appearance, Fox has decided to release a lyric video for “Lifetime”, a collaboration between Quavo and Ryan Destiny.

The song features a pop-style instrumental, different from Quavo’s usual trap sound, but the rapper still adds his signature ad-libs to the track. “I paid all my bills for a lifetime/Shawty said she love me for a lifetime/I went to the jeweler, told him ice mine/So I can stand outside and be your sunshine,” Quavo raps.

The music video has already reached over 150,000 views since it’s release on April 5.

In the related news, Quavo and the rest of Migos crew recently had an altercation with the law when their tour bus was raided after a concert in Boone, N.C. According to reports, police discovered 420 grams of marijuana, 26 ounces of codeine and Xanax.

Listen to “Lifetime” below.

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