Home News Vera Wang Turns 73 Years Old While Still Looking Young!

Vera Wang Turns 73 Years Old While Still Looking Young!

Vera Wang Turns 73 Years Old While Still Looking Young!

It seems like Vera Wang is ageing more slowly than she used to! The fashion designer sent images to Instagram from her 73rd birthday celebration, and she still maintains her youthful and joyful appearance.

Making preparations! Wang teased in one of the photos, “Bday preparation. My birthday theme is ‘Enchanted Garden.'”

The next picture shows her gorgeous puppy relaxing in front of lovely pink flowers. “LOLA the PARTY PRINCESS is right there in the middle of it!” She added a caption to the photo.

Even though all the pictures taken before the big event was stunning, Wang herself stole the show. She captioned a snapshot of herself sporting a light purple crop top ensemble with matching lavender streaks in her hair, “Celebrating my Bday with CAKES and KARAOKE…… and my new ROSÉ PROSECCO!!!!!” Of course, being the queen that she is, a tiara was perched atop her lengthy curls.

Wang looked gorgeous, and admirers couldn’t help but swoon. “Magnificent! I adore how you always look! Wow!” one person wrote. Happy birthday, you always look so wonderful and young, is it the Rose, gushed another user.

It’s not surprising that Wang still maintains her polished and fit appearance. She discussed holding herself responsible for exercising even on days when she doesn’t feel like it in an interview with Harper’s Bazaar in May 2020.

She explained how she handled the COVID-19 quarantine at the time: “Unlike many New Yorkers, I happened to have quarantined in Miami following Paris Fashion Week with my workday fashion family.”

If you’re fortunate enough to be travelling with a group you know well and have travelled with frequently, being constrained can have a variety of positive effects. They are all quite physically fit, which encouraged me to “work out” almost every day.

Since I’ve had a lifetime passion for leggings and this was a hardcore fashion group, I naturally got the chance to genuinely “play” with clothing—something even fashion designers hardly ever get the chance to do.

Tennis and ballet dance are two activities Wang has mentioned as ways to remain in shape.

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