Home Entertainment Virata Parvam Movie Review: The Movie Is Worth Seeing for Its Sincere Effort and Logical Narration!

Virata Parvam Movie Review: The Movie Is Worth Seeing for Its Sincere Effort and Logical Narration!

Virata Parvam Movie Review: The Movie Is Worth Seeing for Its Sincere Effort and Logical Narration!

Infobox films template Venu Udugula wrote and directed Virata Parvam, a 2022 Indian Telugu-language period romantic action drama film[1] produced by D. Suresh Babu and Sudhakar Cherukuri.

The plot centres around the Telangana Naxalite movement in the 1990s.

Principal photography took place in Vikarabad, Warangal, and Hyderabad in Telangana, as well as Kerala, from July 2019 to December 2020. Suresh Bobbili created the music for the film, and Dani Sanchez-Lopez and Divakar Mani shot the photography.

Due to the COVID-19 situation in India, it was originally slated to be released on April 30, 2021, but was postponed. On June 17, 2022, Virata Parvam was launched in theatres.

Critics praised Pallavi’s acting as the film’s main highlight, as well as the locales, story, narration, realism, climax, and cinematography, but criticised the film’s pace and editing.


virata parvam movie review

  • Naveen Chandra
  • Zarina Wahab
  • Easwari Rao
  • Sai Chand
  • Nivetha Pethuraj
  • Jagadeesh Prathap Bandari
  • Sai Prasanna

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virata parvam movie review

The story is set in Telangana in the late 1970s, at a time when the Naxal movement was at its height. Vennela (Sai Pallavi) is a member of a lower caste who is greatly influenced by the revolutionary poetry of a well-known Naxalite Ravanna (Rana Daggubati).

Vennela falls in love with Ravanna before even meeting him, and she leaves her home to locate him. She meets Ravanna after a bizarre sequence of events. Is Ravanna willing to accept her love? What issues did Vennela encounter on her journey? And what happened to her in the end is the film’s entire plot.

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virata parvam movie review

First and foremost, the creators should be commended for creating a topic that is devoid of commercial elements and rich in information. Though the Naxal backdrop has been featured in numerous films, Virata Parvam has a mature love angle that gives the picture brownie points. The film’s making, aesthetics, and BGM are all key components to the film, which is mostly riveting.

Rana is very good at choosing his roles, and he is fantastic as Ravanna. He doesn’t have much screen time in the first half, but he comes into his own in the second half and becomes the film’s main character. Rana’s on-screen personality is perfectly suited to the film’s tone.

In their separate parts, Priyamani and Naveen Chandra are remarkable. The crimes perpetrated against the civilians, as well as how the Naxals aid them, have been well depicted. The action sequences and suspense components are effectively maintained. The climax is a unique feature that will make you swallow a lump in your throat.

Last but not least, Virata Parvam is entirely Sai Pallavi’s presentation. We all know she’s a talented actress, but in Virata Parvam, she elevates her game even more. Sai Pallavi does an excellent job of expressing her love for Ravanna, fighting for her cause, and portraying the mental agony she goes through in trying to find him. Sai Pallavi has given an award-winning performance, as hero Venkatesh stated at the pre-release event.

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Virata Parvam is a serious drama from the first scene forward, and it is unsuitable for those who enjoy commercial film. There will be no entertainment or romance in this film, and viewers should be aware of this while watching it.

The movie slows pace in the second half. The narrative’s momentum lags as some repeated scenes of the Naxal backdrop are shown for no apparent reason. After portraying Sai Pallavi’s revolution and love, the climax would seem to need additional drama. Even though it’s good, additional drama and detail would have made it a lot more dramatic.

Virata Parvam excels in all technical areas. Dani Sanchez-Lopez and Divakar Mani’s camerawork is among the best in recent memory. The mediaeval setting, forest sights, and action sequences are all beautifully presented.

The way the manufacturing design is carried out is simply incredible. The song lyrics and costume design are both fantastic. Suresh Bobbili’s music is another important gem. His songs are fantastic, but it was his BGM that really brought the movie to life.

When it comes to the film’s director, Venu Udugula, he has done an excellent job. His writing is razor-sharp and leaves enough room for the drama to soar. He does an excellent job at combining love with revolution through Sai Pallavi’s persona. He has put in a lot of effort in each area and has gotten fantastic performances from his cast, which is fantastic. Each character’s sensitivities and views are well-expressed, and the way he closes the picture is very emotional and demonstrates his mastery of drama.

Overall, Virata Parvam is a revolutionary play with just the right amount of drama and emotion. The second half is a little dull and predictable, but the acting keeps you interested. Because of the serious and original nature of the film’s genre, not everyone will immediately identify with it. Aside from that, Rana and Sai Pallavi ensure that Virata Parvam is worth seeing for its sincere effort and logical narration.

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