Home Technology Watermelon Hacks: Watermelon Cutting Techniques that Will Make Life Simpler

Watermelon Hacks: Watermelon Cutting Techniques that Will Make Life Simpler

Watermelon Hacks: Watermelon Cutting Techniques that Will Make Life Simpler
Nothing quite satisfies like a cold, juicy slice of fresh watermelon during the longer, hotter days. You might also be amazed to find how many different methods (and variants) individuals have devised to savour the season’s fruit. Although it’s not the simplest ingredient to work with, we’ve discovered numerous strategies that might aid to ease the task and make it more approachable.
We asked Nicole McLaughlin, the star of Mom vs., to test out each of the watermelon hacks we’ve compiled a list of the best we’ve found. But before we get started, make sure you are aware of the following when purchasing a watermelon: Choose a watermelon that sounds hollow when you tap it and has a light yellow stain on the skin (this indicates where the fruit laid on the ground to ripen) (this indicates where the fruit laid on the ground to ripen). Once you’ve located the ideal specimen, wash it carefully before attempting to slice.

The “quickest” Method

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This technique, which is regarded as the “quickest” way to chop watermelon, needs a few stealthy incisions that should give a pile of simple-to-remove cubes. Slice a piece of rind from the bottom of the melon after cutting it in half lengthwise to form a flat, solid surface. Make six long incisions in the watermelon, rind-side up, being careful not to cut all the way through. Turn it over one more and slice down the interior where the melon and rind meet. Slice the meat into one-inch thick pieces and then the other. The watermelon should fall out in neat chunks when you tilt it into a bowl.

The ‘easiest’ Method

We at MyRecipes adore using this technique to manufacture watermelon hacks Lay the watermelon flat after cutting it in half, then cut one-inch slices only in one direction. Turn the melon over and cut in the other direction while maintaining the slices. This procedure will result in suitably sized watermelon sticks with rind handles. The rind can be effortlessly sliced through with a sharpened knife.

The Quarter Approach

A quarter could come in handy if you find yourself without a knife. As you slice, draw the quarter around the edge after firmly holding it and cutting through the rind. We’re sorry to announce that Nicole’s experience with this strategy means we can’t give it a high position on the list.

The ‘mad Genius’ Approach

Dental floss might function better than quarters, which weren’t actually effective. Cut the watermelon into four quarters with a knife. Next, take a few feet of dental floss (preferably unflavored), and tightly wrap it around your fingers to create tension. Run the floss down the melon’s bottom where the fruit and rind meet, then use the floss’s point to push down to the rind to produce individual wedges. By Nicole’s standards, this technique is effective and a little more interesting than using a regular knife

Using Popsicle Sticks

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Food on a stick is consistently more fun when it comes to summertime snacking. The watermelon should first be sliced in half, and then 12 popsicle sticks should be inserted across the top and sides of the skin. To make it straightforward to insert the sticks, Nicole created tiny incisions with a knife. Make three cuts across, two lengthwise, and two across from there, leaving each popsicle stick with about an inch of rind in between. Each half of a watermelon will create 12 slices on a stick.

Simple Popsicles

Simply freeze each slice using the aforementioned process on a baking sheet covered with parchment paper before serving. You won’t even need a popsicle mould to make delicious, naturally sweet popsicles. Nicole was honestly taken startled by how much she appreciated this hack.

Jello with Watermelon

A watermelon’s skin can serve as a lovely, durable mould for a jello bite (or jello shot!). Remove the fruit by halving the watermelon lengthwise and only keeping the rind. Jello should be prepared according to the directions on the package, then poured into the hollowed-out watermelon half. Slice the jello as you would a regular melon once it has fully set in the refrigerator. Use booze in place of water in the jello mix to create a wonderful party vehicle. This smart trick works better with smaller watermelons. Make sure to designate it “Adults-only” anyway!

Shark Watermelons

This charming bowl makes for a sweet presentation of summer fruit. Make a flat platform on which your watermelon can stand steadily and then cut a 45° to 90° slice out of it. The mouth of the shark will be here. Keep the rind of what you just sliced; it will later act as the shark fin. Using an ice cream scoop, extract the fruit and set the melon balls in a bowl. By making tiny slices along the rind’s surface, you can reveal the white inner rind by removing the green outer peel.
To create teeth, cut out small triangles from the white rind. Then, using toothpicks, connect a triangle of the piece of rind you previously removed to the back of your shark to create a “fin.” Reposition the watermelon balls in the shark’s mouth, then add eyes by sketching them with a marker. With a little imagination, you could even build a watermelon “basket” using this approach.