Home Celebrities What Is Wrong with Aaron Rodgers? Aaron Rodgers Claimed to Have Investigated Covid Vaccinations.

What Is Wrong with Aaron Rodgers? Aaron Rodgers Claimed to Have Investigated Covid Vaccinations.

What Is Wrong with Aaron Rodgers? Aaron Rodgers Claimed to Have Investigated Covid Vaccinations.

Running the rock and playing outstanding defence used to be the game-winning tactic. Then, players like Peyton Manning, Aaron Rodgers, and Drew Brees turned that notion on its head.

The Green Bay Packers have recently been forced to rely more on their defence than their all-star quarterback, though.

We haven’t been following Rodgers as closely as we once did in the past two years. Is he condemned to death? Obviously not. But let’s look at the problems that have hindered him in 2012 first.

The Offensive Line Is Having Problems

what is wrong with aaron rodgers

In college, I focused on understatement. As you can see, I received a high honours diploma. The offensive line for Green Bay has barely been able to slow anyone down, much less prevent them from applying pressure on Rodgers.

One has to question if they were aware that the Rams and Bengals were outperforming them, so they soon allowed the Seattle Seahawks to reclaim the championship by surrendering eight sacks.

Through three games, the Packers have allowed 16 sacks, which leads the NFL. It is understandable why Rodgers is struggling to get into a flow given that they have faced some of the NFL’s most dangerous pass-rushing groups.

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Why Is Aaron Rodgers Acting Strangely?

what is wrong with aaron rodgersRodgers has a fractured toe but has been playing with the discomfort since November, despite the fact that it is not “COVID toe”-style suffering.

In order to heal properly, Rodgers ultimately chose to rest the ailment throughout the Packers’ Week 13 bye week. He claimed the injury occurred when he was in COVID quarantine.

There was some misunderstanding in relation to Rodgers’ injuries. On the “Pat McAfee Show” in November, Rodgers’ damaged toe—then known as the “COVID toe”—was the subject of jokes from both McAfee and Rodgers. That is a rather odd side effect of people who have the coronavirus and are getting better.

The Packers quarterback lambasted such claims and affirmed that he’s suffering with something worse than “turf toe,” which he’s had before in his career, leading to the disclosure of the fractured toe, while news outlets carried on Rodgers’ and McAfee’s jokes as truth (much to Rodgers’ chagrin).

During a Zoom conference with reporters, Rodgers clarified the situation by thrusting his foot in front of the camera to demonstrate that there were no lesions or discolouration, demonstrating he didn’t have the “COVID toe.”

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Happy Feet and Downcast Eyes Are the Results of The Pressure

what is wrong with aaron rodgers

Due to the continual pressure, Rodgers now prefers to look around the rush rather than downfield. When he is unable to predict where his receivers will be, he has no hope of being accurate.

He has also started cutting his feet continuously as a result of it. A quarterback must stand and throw the ball to follow the fundamentals of throwing. Of course, they occasionally throw while running or while standing on their back foot, but these motions significantly reduce a throw’s accuracy.

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The Absence of A True Running Game Is Causing the Pack to Fall Behind.

what is wrong with aaron rodgers

Defensive lineman licks their chops and goes at the quarterback when you can’t run the ball. It must happen.

Without much of a running game over the last few years, the Packers have managed to survive. This lack is finally catching up to them. Despite making a greater effort this season, they still have the 22nd-most total rushing yards in the league.

The Packers and Aaron Rodgers will struggle to move the ball offensively until they can keep a defensive front on its toes with the threat of the run.