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What Is Wrong with Amber Heard? How is  Amber Heard after Johnny Depp’s Defamation Trial!

What Is Wrong with Amber Heard? How is  Amber Heard after Johnny Depp’s Defamation Trial!

Amber Laura Heard (born April 22, 1986) is an American actress best known for her work in the movie Never Back Down (2008), Drive Angry (2011), The Rum Diary (2011), and as Mera in Aquaman (2018) and its forthcoming 2023 sequel. She has been named an ACLU advocate for women’s rights as well as a Human Rights Champion by the UN’s Office for the High Commissioner for Human Rights.

Between 2015 and 2017, Heard was married to actor Johnny Depp. When Heard claimed that Depp had been aggressive throughout their relationship, their divorce made headlines. Depp sued the publishers of the British tabloid The Sun for libel in 2018, accusing Heard of abuse. The trial court found in 2020 that the printed article claiming Depp had assaulted Heard was largely true.

Depp sued Heard for defamation in early 2019 over an op-ed in The Washington Post, which stated that Heard “spoke up against sexual violence,” with Heard writing that she had become a “public figure representing domestic abuse” two years prior and had seen “how institutions protect men accused of abuse.” Heard countersued Depp in 2020.

The jury in the Depp v. Heard trial in Virginia in 2022 found that Heard had defamed Depp three times in the op-ed with false statements and actual malice and that Depp’s lawyer Adam Waldman had once defamed Heard with actual malice in a false statement that Heard and her friends “roughed up” a penthouse as a “hoax” against Depp.

Depp received $10 million in compensatory damages and $5 million in punitive damages from Heard, the latter of which was capped at $350,000 by Virginia state law, while Heard received $2 million in compensatory damages and no punitive damages from Depp.

Amber Heard’s Diagnosis: What Is Histrionic Personality Disorder?

what is wrong with amber heard

In the midst of the media frenzy surrounding actor Johnny Depp’s $50 million lawsuits against ex-wife Amber Heard this month, a new diagnostic label has emerged: histrionic personality disorder.

Depp claims that an op-ed Heard authored in 2018 harmed his career, and he has filed a defamation suit against him.

Shannon Curry, PsyD, a clinical and forensic psychologist in California and Hawaii, said in court that she conducted a psychological evaluation on Heard and met with him for 12 hours.

Curry testified that Heard suffers from both borderline and histrionic personality disorder. Heard has stated that she suffers from PTSD.

According to Curry, who testified to Newsweek, Heard is highly obsessed with her image, prone to cruelty and blaming others, and unable to acknowledge responsibility for doing something wrong because of her illness.

So, what is a histrionic personality disorder, and how does it vary from other, more well-known personality disorders like paranoid, narcissistic, or obsessive-compulsive disorder?

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Histrionic Personality Disorder: A personality disorder characterized by histrionic behavior

what is wrong with amber heard

According to the Cleveland Clinic, histrionic personality disorder (histrionic means too theatrical or melodramatic) is more common in women, can be taught or inherited, and is characterized by “intense, unstable emotions and distorted self-images.”

Those with the illness are more likely to act out, rely on other people’s approval to boost their self-esteem, and have an “overwhelming urge to be seen,” according to the study.

According to Jessica January Behr, PsyD, a certified psychologist in New York City, a histrionic personality disorder is much less typically diagnosed than a narcissistic or borderline personality disorder.

“It’s likely that the disorder’s criteria are seen far more frequently than it is identified,” she says. “A person with histrionic personality disorder must meet five out of nine highly specific criteria to be diagnosed.”

According to the Cleveland Clinic, these nine criteria include being uncomfortable unless you’re the center of attention, having your emotions shift quickly, acting very dramatically – as if performing in front of an audience – with exaggerated emotions and expressions yet appearing to lack sincerity, and constantly seeking reassurance or approval.

Finally, because this is a serious disease, it should not be labeled until a mental health professional has evaluated you and performed certain diagnostic tests confirms it.

People with the illness will typically seek counseling to identify the motivations and anxieties behind their thoughts and conduct, and the counselor will assist the person in learning to relate to others in a more positive manner.

According to the Cleveland Clinic, a health care practitioner may prescribe medication to alleviate the depression and anxiety that frequently accompany this disease.

“It’s great that people are becoming more aware of this psychological concept,” Behr adds, “but it’s critical to avoid making an armchair diagnosis.” “It’s also important not to mix up the terms ‘dramatic’ and ‘histrionic.'” Certain criteria must be met to be diagnosed with histrionic personality disorder, and this isn’t a word to be taken lightly.”

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How is  Amber Heard after Johnny Depp’s defamation trial?

what is wrong with amber heard

Amber Heard had a good acting career and a lot of money before the Johnny Depp and Amber Heard trial began. Amber Heard’s net worth was estimated to be around $9 million when she began her acting career. Celebrity Net Worth, on the other hand, reports that her fortune has plummeted.

Her net worth has dropped to -$8 million, according to the site. This appears to include the recent experiment, which ended on June 1, 2022.

Prior to the trial, Heard had parts in noteworthy films such as Pineapple Express and Never Back Down, both of which were box office hits. She also appeared in the flops The Joneses and The Stepfather.

Heard’s career looked to center on small films before she found further success with Magic Mike XXL, The Danish Girl, The Adderall Diaries, and One More Time. Heard is most recognized for his roles in the Justice League and Aquaman films.

Celebrity Net Worth reports that despite her varying acting accomplishments, court filings show she barely made $40,000 per year in 2014. She was said to have barely $25,000 in funds at the time.

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Personal Information:

Net Worth: -$8 Million
Date of Birth: Apr 22, 1986 (36 years old)
Gender: Female
Height: 5 ft 8 in (1.73 m)
Profession: Actor, Model
Nationality: United States of America