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What Is Wrong with Big Ed: Big Ed Opens up About Rare Disorder & Neck Appearance

What Is Wrong with Big Ed: Big Ed Opens up About Rare Disorder & Neck Appearance
Please remember Big Ed. The 90 Day Fiance star has emerged as one of the most infamous and hated villains in the history of the program, in addition to being plagued with a nickname that lets everyone know just how, erm, enormous of a personality he has (really, forget that, it’s a name which he placed upon himself).
Big Ed has a reputation for demanding an STI test, making fun of his ex-girlfriend Rosemarie’s purported terrible breath, confessing to widespread adultery in the past, lying about his height before meeting Rosemarie, and many other things.
The reality star has, however, come under attack online, mostly because of the girth of his neck, which overwhelms his upper body to the point where it doesn’t even appear as though he had a break between his head and shoulders. But Big Ed wants to dispel the myths spread by his numerous detractors and let everyone know that he does, in fact, have a medical issue.

Big Ed, a Star of 90-Day Fiance, Has a Congenital Neck Issue.

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The question of whether Big Ed’s short neck is a result of his weight has long been debated by fans. However, he disclosed in an ET interview that he has Klippel-Feil syndrome, a rare genetic disorder that results in the fusion of two of the neck’s seven bones.
Big Ed appears rigid on TV because his neck appears to be nearly nonexistent and his neck’s range of motion is constrained. As in this case, the congenital disease can also cause a bigger chest cavity, a low hairline on the back, and severe migraines.
Despite the 90 Day Fiancé actor’s claims that he has attempted to work out in the past, Big Ed admitted that he once became stuck in the neck machine at his high school gym, where he was also subjected to unrelenting physical teasing.
The reality star’s feelings have gotten worse after reading what online commenters had to say. Thankfully, he has realized over the years that the most crucial lesson is to feel good about himself.

Big Ed Assisted a Supporter Who Had the Same Illness.

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Now he wants to motivate others in more ways than just using mayonnaise as a master conditioner. The 90 Day Fiance star said in an Instagram video that he recently responded to a fan named Abe who wrote him a letter claiming that he, too, had been teased his entire life because of his “short neck and little size.
The man then disclosed that he himself had been diagnosed with Klippel Feil Syndrome. When asked if Big Ed shared this diagnosis, the blunt reality personality automatically responded in the affirmative. Big Ed replied simply, “I have KFS; I’ve had it all my life, but I refuse to let that define who I am.
The 90-Day Fiance actor then encouraged the fan to “Be yourself and embrace you for who you are” and gave him some of his own advice. Furthermore, Big Ed told him that he has no control over what others think of him and that the only thing he can do to deal with this is to love himself and make an effort to keep his attention completely on that moving ahead rather than worrying about the critics. He ended the nice message by saying, “Love yourself, man.”

What Happened to Ed’s Neck on 90-Day Fiance?

Many viewers of the program are interested in learning what is wrong with Ed’s neck while watching it. Klippel Fiel Syndrome is a rare condition in which Ed was born (KFS).
At least two spinal bones in the neck join due to a disease that changes how the spine’s bones develop. This is the reason behind Ed’s small neck, for which he has endured ridicule his entire life.

How Does Big Ed’s Neck Feel About It Now?

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Ed has frequently been questioned about his feelings regarding the illness because of the ongoing stigma associated with his neck issue. An admirer once wrote to him and asked, “Where do you get your confidence?” The admirer disclosed that they struggle to “get out of bed” as a result of having Klippel-Feil Syndrome as well.
You have to understand that this is how God made you, the 90-Day Fiance star retorted. This is who you are, and the sooner you accept that the simpler life will be, the TV personality concluded.
Ed’s experience shows that accepting his illness has been beneficial for him. Thus, he refers to it as his winning formula. Three of Brown’s vertebrae are the size of two. However, there are seven in the majority of average people worldwide.
He still fights stigma and body shaming now while leading a positive life. We hope that puts to rest any questions you had regarding Big Ed’s neck. For more information about reality TV, feel free to contact TV Season & Spoilers.