what is wrong with catherine reitmans lips

What Is Wrong with Catherine Reitmans Lips? Her Admirers Are Always Defending Her on Social Media!

Catherine Marcelle Reitman was born on April 28, 1981, and is a Canadian-American actor, producer, and writer. Workin’ Moms is a CBC comedy that she conceived, executive produced, wrote, and starred in.

The majority of youngsters learn in kindergarten that making fun of someone’s appearance is improper. But it appears that all bets are off when it comes to public figures, particularly those accused of undergoing plastic surgery. That’s why fans of Netflix’s Workin’ Moms have no qualms about insulting Catherine Reitman.

The creator, producer, writer, and actress of the hit comedy series have been teased a lot about her mouth. The 38-year-old actor was bullied and teased in school even before she became renowned on television. Reitman’s unusual mouth is now widely believed to be the consequence of botched plastic surgery, according to fans. However, this may not be the case.

What Is Wrong with Catherine Reitman’s Lips?

what is wrong with catherine reitmans lips

Catherine Has Made Fun of Her Own Lips in The Canadian Series, but She Has Never Spoken Publicly About Her Pout or The Online Bullying She Has Received as A Result of Her Top Lip.

There are even claims on the internet that Catherine was the victim of a rogue plastic surgeon, and that Botched doctors Terry Dubrow and Paul Nassif genuinely helped her. This, however, has never been proven.

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Catherine Reitman has been Teased Since She Was a Small Child.

Reitman Has Never Addressed the Claims of Plastic Surgery, Although She Has Admitted to Being Teased About Her Appearance, Particularly Her Lips, Since She Was a Child.

She was described as a “very awkward-looking youngster” who was called “horse mouth” and other nasty terms by her peers, according to the Daily Mail.
There’s also further proof that Reitman’s mouth is genetic rather than the consequence of a failed plastic surgery procedure.

Ivan Reitman, a Czechoslovak-Canadian film and television director, has a pucker that is almost identical. He is well recognized for his work on the first Ghostbusters movie, as well as Twins and Kindergarten Cop.

Catherine Reitman’s admirers are always defending her (and her words) on social media.

what is wrong with catherine reitmans lips

The actress is frequently shamed, so it’s no surprise that her supporters defend her — and admire her ability to laugh at allegations. “Catherine Reitman making fun of her lips in her own stupid show is the equivalent of roasting yourself about something delicate before your friends can,” one fan said.

Another person added their two cents, “Catherine Reitman is f—king hilarious, and she does not deserve to be cyberbullied by these a-holes who claim her lips are hurting the program. F—k you, a— h—s.”


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Catherine Did Have Postpartum Depression, Despite the Botched Plastic Surgery.

what is wrong with catherine reitmans lips

Catherine created Workin’ Moms based on her own experience with postpartum depression and her determination to laugh through the agony.

“By fleshing out my melancholy and exposing the quirky and hilarious angles to it,” she said in a Glamour magazine column, “I began to realize them that I was before having my kid.” “So I decided to retell the postpartum moments I’d experienced, but with one major difference: I wrote myself as four separate characters, all of whom I knew would grow out of this stage.”

She went on, “‘Kate Foster’ would persevere even when I felt hopeless. With a skirt suit that shouted ‘I know who I am!’ she could outwit her worst hours. I could sit at my computer in a puddle of tears and anxiety, but the ladies I scribe were charging on and expressing their truths.”

Catherine is the mother of two sons, Jackson and Liam, and the sister of director Jason Reitman, who is best known for the films Juno and Up in the Air.

Ivan Reitman, her father, is a well-known filmmaker who has worked on films like Ghostbusters and Kindergarten Cop, as well as producing classics like Space Jam and Animal House.

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Breakin’ It Down with Catherine Reitman, a film review web show on YouTube, premiered in January 2011 and ended in July 2013. She was a guest co-host on Hollywood Babble-On with Ralph Garman on occasion, filling in for Kevin Smith.

Reitman featured in The Real Wedding Crashers, a television series based on the smash movie Wedding Crashers. Beethoven’s 2nd (1993), Knocked Up (2007), I Love You, Man (2009), and Friends with Benefits were among her films (2011). She’s also been in the television shows Hollywood Residential, It’s Always Sunny in Philadelphia, How I Met Your Mother, Weeds, and Blackish. She’ll be seen on the revival of the sketch comedy show The Kids in the Hall.

Reitman and her husband Philip Sternberg founded Wolf & Rabbit Entertainment ULC in 2016 to produce the CBC half-hour single-camera comedy Workin’ Moms. She is the show’s creator, executive producer, writer, and star, alongside Sternberg.

Reitman has also directed multiple episodes in each of the series’ seasons. In 2017, Workin’ Moms was nominated for five Canadian Screen Awards, including Best Actress, Comedy, for Reitman, and Best Series, Comedy, for the series.