Home Entertainment What Is Wrong with Eric in Hollyoaks? Eric Foster’s Dark Incel Narrative Has Been Revealed!

What Is Wrong with Eric in Hollyoaks? Eric Foster’s Dark Incel Narrative Has Been Revealed!

What Is Wrong with Eric in Hollyoaks? Eric Foster’s Dark Incel Narrative Has Been Revealed!

Hollyoaks is a British daytime drama that premiered on Channel 4 on October 23, 1995. Phil Redmond, who also produced the soap series Brookside, was behind it.

The show is situated in the fictional community of Hollyoaks, a Chester suburb, and is shot at Lime Pictures in Liverpool’s Childwall neighbourhood. Since 2005, episodes have aired a day before they premiere on Station 4 on sister channel E4.

The show was created with an adolescent and young adult audience in mind, but it has subsequently widened its appeal to include people of all ages. Hollyoaks has won multiple honours for its coverage of taboo issues rarely seen on British television.

It has won the title for Best British Soap on two occasions, in 2014 and 2019, breaking a 15-year deadlock between rival soap operas EastEnders and Coronation Street.

It began with a cast of 15 characters and has grown to include more than 50 regular cast members. Nick Pickard has played Tony Hutchinson since the first episode.

Who is Eric?

what is wrong with eric in hollyoaks

Eric Foster, played by Angus Castle-Doughty, made his first appearance on 7 March 2022.

Eric was Charlotte Hutchinson’s sole child, and Edward Hutchinson failed to inform Eric and his sister Verity that he had another son, Tony, with his previous wife Victoria in 1977. Prior to the year 2021, Eric became estranged from Edward and Verity.

In March 2022, Eric arrives in Hollyoaks in pursuit of Verity. He arrived at The Dog in the Pond and inquired about Verity, but he immediately departed before she emerged from the restrooms.

Verity tracked him down outside the pub, but Eric didn’t share Verity’s joy at finally seeing her after so long. Eric revealed that he had intended to visit the location where Edward died in December 2020, but had to leave due to time constraints.

Eric returned in April 2022 after being evicted from his flat-share. Tony and Verity let him relocate into 1 Stockton Lane after he lied about the reason for his eviction. Eric met and bonded with Charlie Dean over Combat Raiders after befriending Cleo McQueen through Verity.

Eric used a USB stick to delete Charlie’s computer after Charlie took Eric’s suggestion and made an inappropriately modified image of teacher Olivia Bradshaw.

Eric made an enemy out of Cleo’s lover Joel Dexter after trapping him in The Loft office after growing an obsession with her. Verity became concerned about Eric’s behaviour and rented a caravan from the McQueens for him to live in.

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Eric and Charlie’s Storyline in Hollyoaks Is About to Get a Lot Darker.

what is wrong with eric in hollyoaks

As Newcomer Eric Foster Continues to Influence the Younger Boy’s Behaviour, Hollyoaks Has Teased a Grim New Plotline for Local Lad Charlie Dean.

Eric was responsible for offering schoolboy Charlie some strange advise a few weeks earlier, which resulted in an embarrassing incident for his teacher Olivia.

It’s all part of the soap’s radical misogyny storyline, which has seen Eric (Angus Castle-Doughty) demonstrate troubling behaviour and extreme misogynistic ideas as the show investigates incel culture.

Eric’s alarming influence over Charlie continued in today’s (June 14) E4 first-look episode, as Charlie and Vicky Grant argued in the yard over the ‘fit list’ he’d prepared, with Vicky subsequently being dismissed after Charlie accused her of online bullying.

Vicky insisted to Olivia and Scott that “he deserved it.” “Charlie Dean is nothing more than a pig who is sexist.”

Later, Eric contacted Charlie and suggested that notifying the teachers about Vicky was the proper thing to do, but Charlie wasn’t sure and questioned whether he should apologise while the females at school continued to criticise him.

“For what, defending yourself?” Eric inquired, later reminding Charlie that they must “stay together.”

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Nancy Osborne and Charlie afterwards marched over to Vicky to talk about her sexism claims against Charlie, but Nancy was eager to defend the kid.

“Charlie would never do something like that, and to be honest, I detest the accusation,” Nancy insisted, with Charlie later denying all knowledge of the list when she confronted him about it.

“No way. I can’t believe you asked me that, “He said before using sexist language that shocked everyone.

Scott requested that Nancy have a serious chat with Charlie, so Nancy apologised to Vicky and said she had no idea he’d use such words.

With Eric’s words and actions clearly having an impact on Charlie’s behaviour, it appears that the soap is preparing a dark new path for the teen as Eric continues to groom him.

When Digital Spy asked if Eric will continue to have a troubling influence on Charlie, Eric actor Angus Castle-Doughty hinted to Eric and Charlie’s storyline.

“Maybe!” Angus made a snide remark. “Part of the purpose of this plot, in my opinion, is to investigate how people become involved in such a subculture. That’s something I’d like to look into.”

In general, Angus stated that he felt “a enormous weight of duty” in taking on the role of the powerful incel.

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“To be honest, it’s an honour to be part,” he continued, “because because I believe it’s such an important problem that we simply aren’t engaging with enough.”

“Our society is more online than ever after two years of varied levels of seclusion. We now have a critical responsibility to engage and educate young people about their fears, anxieties, and viewpoints, or risk losing more and more to anti-feminist, radically misogynistic ideas, as feminist writer Laura Bates did research into how algorithms dictate the media we consume and our auto-cue on YouTube, which suggests more radical content per view.”