Home Celebrities What Is Wrong with Ezra Miller? the Newest Hollywood Celebrity Has a Shocking Secret

What Is Wrong with Ezra Miller? the Newest Hollywood Celebrity Has a Shocking Secret

What Is Wrong with Ezra Miller? the Newest Hollywood Celebrity Has a Shocking Secret

Following a string of run-ins with the law, actor Ezra Miller is receiving mental health treatment. Following a recent period of extreme crises, Miller announced in a statement, “I now recognize that I am experiencing significant mental health challenges and have started continuing treatment.”

Miller said in his apology, “I am determined to do the required work to go back to a healthy, safe, and productive stage in my life. I am sorry to everyone that I have alarmed and offended with my past actions. Miller was accused by Vermont state police of felony residential burglary in the most recent incident.

Miller, who resides in Vermont, is most known for playing The Flash in the DC superhero franchise produced by Warner Bros. A number of nearly finished films, including Batgirl, have been scrapped by the studio, but The Flash’s standalone film is still scheduled to be in theatres in 2023.

After an incident at a karaoke bar where Miller allegedly became agitated at a couple for singing the Lady Gaga and Bradley Cooper song “Shallow,” Miller was arrested in Hilo, Hawaii, in March 2022 and charged with disorderly conduct and harassment. A month later, Miller was arrested again for allegedly throwing a chair at a woman, injuring her forehead.

What Is Miller’s Opinion on The Accusations Made Against Them?

what is wrong with ezra miller

Early on Tuesday, Variety acquired Miller’s long-overdue statement through a Miller representative. After going through a recent period of extreme distress, Miller remarked, “I now realize that I am dealing with serious mental health difficulties and have started receiving continuing treatment.” “I want to apologize to everyone that my previous actions may have shocked or disturbed me. I’m determined to put in the effort required to return to a stage of my life that is safe, secure, and productive.

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What Are Miller’s Most Recent Accusations?

what is wrong with ezra miller

A terrifying article was published by Business Insider on August 4th in morning. Melkorka Licea and Katie Warren’s tale begs to be read in its entirety. It’s impossible to delve into the Business Insider report’s allegations of abuse, grooming, and emotional manipulation without watering down its findings, but the following is as near to a synopsis as the story allows:

“Insider has talked to 14 people who recently interacted with Miller and said that the actor had frightening emotional outbursts, was armed, or otherwise made them feel uneasy. According to some, Miller looked for nonbinary and naive young women who they could isolate from their families and manage.

Miller occasionally engaged in sexual activity with these individuals. During Miller’s almost two-month stay in Iceland in 2020, where he roamed the streets barefoot, accusations surfaced that the actor was leading a cult from an Airbnb.

The account opens with an allegation that Miller assaulted Sara Jumping Eagle, who was attempting to reunite with her daughter Tokata Iron Eyes, 18, whom Miller had previously been accused of grooming, by slamming the door of an Uber so forcefully that she required medical attention.

Following that, Miller’s behavior in Iceland is described by Business Insider. Due to their “makeshift commune, their speeches on spirituality, and their emotional outbursts, reports began to surface in Reykjavk that the actor was operating a cult,” and they “started to circulate in Reykjavk.”

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Have Miller Been the Subject of Any Other Charges?

what is wrong with ezra miller

Miller has been housing a mother and her three young children at their Vermont estate, according to a June 23 story by Rolling Stone. Several sources reportedly told the publication that the living arrangements are unhealthy.

The children’s father, who dislikes the living arrangement, said, “I really want to go get my kids, they mean the fucking world to me,” but the mother, 25, said that the ranch “has been a healing sanctuary for us” after leaving what she called an abusive relationship with an ex.